Thank You for Your Interest in the BuildingFootprintUSA API

Thank you for your interest in the BuildingFootprintUSA API. Since LightBox acquired BuildingFootprintUSA in January 2021, we have been working to integrate/link our market leading geospatial content, which can be delivered via bulk data, through an API, and via our turnkey SaaS application LandVision.

Stay Tuned

as we have many exciting data and technology product initiatives we will be bringing to market in the coming months that leverage our unique assets, and that will greatly benefit our business and government customers in North America. 


LandVision™ is a map-based real estate application that provides real estate, government, and many other industries with comprehensive map-based property research, analysis, management and presentation capabilities.

How LandVision is Different

Powered by SpatialStream®, LandVision visualizes SmartParcels®, our nationwide parcel database that ties 300+ property and tax attributes to parcel boundaries, as well as our other map-ready content. LandVision is completely extensible, so when you’re ready to grow, LandVision grows with you.

At BFUSA LightBox, we develop next-generation geolocation data centered on the built environment — where people live, work, shop, and play. Our hyper-accurate building and address data helps customers make critical decisions that are highly dependent on location. Learn more at