The only fully integrated parcel, building structure, and property attribute datasets to deliver comprehensive location intelligence.

LightBox brings over 20 years of expertise in location intelligence, providing integrated parcel, building footprint, and rooftop-level address data solutions.

Pinpoint Geocode

Pinpoint Geocode

Building footprint data serves as the foundation for rooftop precision geocoding, surpassing street level and address point accuracy.


Deep Property

Structure boundaries and attribution with land, property, commercial, and demographic characteristics enable comprehensive location analysis.


Fully Integrated

Connected nationwide property records, parcel boundaries, building footprints, and unit-level addressing in one unified data offering.


Data Modeling and
GIS Visualizations

Boundary data allows for detailed cartography, 3D modeling, and exciting AI enabled visualizations for smarter location driven decisions.

Insurance & Banking

Insurance and Banking

  • Combine peril data and natural hazard risk with building footprints to understand how buildings intersect with known hazards and more accurately underwrite risk policies.
  • Assign precise locations, heights, ground elevations, and more to every structure to accurately track risk exposure for single-structure and multi-structure properties.


  • Inform next-generation network buildouts nationwide using building footprints coupled with address information, building height, and demographic profiles.
  • Analyze coverage, service, field crew movement, and emergency response systems.
Mapping Technology

Mapping, Routing, and Technology

  • Ensure front-door delivery and precise routing, whether to single structures or multi-building commercial properties.
  • Intersect trace data with the footprint of your business locations to identify customer proximity for push notifications.
  • Develop deep customer profiles and hyper-accurate geofencing for market analysis and demand planning.

Utilities, Oil and Gas

  • Mitigate risk, optimize site selection, and more to easily comply with government regulations with the help of accurate rooftop-level location data.
  • Better identify and locate end users, map out the most efficient delivery points within service territories, and market to new and existing customers more effectively.
Utilities Oil & Gas

Public Sector

  • Inform public safety, emergency preparedness, and emergency response planning and operations with a building-level understanding of who is impacted and where to direct services.
  • Add location context and more efficiently visualize the results of urban planning and smart city initiatives.