5 Strategies for Successful Brokers to Sell Commercial Real Estate

Successfully selling commercial real estate and showing consistent growth stems from developing sales tactics that are true needle-movers. Industrious and innovative brokers tend to rise to the top in commercial real estate because they work hard at finding ways to work smart. They go beyond tried and true tactics to forecast new ways to best serve their market. 

As a trusted partner of many of the top commercial real estate brokerages in North America, we noticed similarities among the most successful brokers we work with. Listed below are the five strategies the best commercial real estate brokers are using right now to outsell their competitors.

1: Build your personal brand 

Personal branding is no longer just for social media personalities and influencers. Building a brand helps you develop a reputation for the quality of your work, designating you as the go-to for successfully meeting your client’s objectives. Branding yourself helps existing and potential clients know that working with you means they get a trusted, knowledgeable advisor. 

Developing your personal brand begins with working hard for your clients (obvious, we know, but you can’t build a reputation without the work to back you up), and then using social media to become more visible to clients. Make a point to consistently post and comment on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms are highly visual, allowing you to highlight your work, and show your results alongside your passion and enthusiasm for selling commercial real estate.

2: Use innovative property marketing strategies

Yes, a broker’s job is to market properties he/she is selling, but the most successful brokers are going beyond listing sites. Competitive brokers are also developing strategic digital marketing plans for their clients.  

You can start by setting measurable digital marketing goals, researching where prospective buyers are spending time online, and then developing the assets you need to get in front of your target audience. The most important digital marketing ‘tool’ is your company’s website. Ensure that it’s modern, optimized for SEO, and offers your clients a features-rich experience. Other marketing tactics include developing a lead magnet for your website to support lead generation, building segmented email lists, and writing emails to nurture clients (that aren’t the same old boring corporate-sounding copy!). Your digital marketing strategy should also include online advertising to promote your brand, your company, and your properties.  

3: Don’t stick with just one mentor

A lot of brokers tend to have a mentor, and this is an incredibly important relationship to help foster career growth. However, don’t limit yourself to just one mentor, and definitely don’t limit mentorship to the early stages of your career. Even more than that—don’t limit mentors to people you know and can meet in person. 

Thanks to our super-connected world, mentors are everywhere. Choose people you admire, whether it’s a broker in your industry, or a thought leader in another industry. Consume their books, articles and anything else they offer. Model their behavior and their actions to keep growing, developing, and expanding your vision for how to best serve your clients.

4: Invest in yourself

Brokers finding the most success in selling commercial real estate are those who invest in themselves. When you invest in technology to support your workflow and operate more efficiently, courses to uplevel your marketing, and time to learn new skills, you exponentially increase your ability to succeed. The ROI on investing in yourself comes back ten-fold, giving you an extremely competitive edge.

5: Use an integrated CRE platform to help you sell commercial real estate properties 

This tip is our favorite for obvious reasons, but in all seriousness, you simply cannot be a top-selling CRE broker without leveraging an integrated CRE platform. Brokers using this technology are able to work faster because they are relying on the best possible data and streamlined work management systems.

The RCM LightBox platform allows brokers to analyze off-market data to identify and connect with likely buyers. You can also manage marketing initiatives, and integrate into your existing systems to streamline brokers, listings, transactions, clients, and data all on one platform. Data updates in realtime to ensure you’re never working off outdated information. With an integrated system allowing users to filter data according to their exact specifications, brokers develop unique insights into their market allowing them to sell commercial real estate properties faster.

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