LandVIsion Commercial Real Estate Tool

Franklin Street Real Estate is laser-focused on supporting their clients a dedication that undoubtedly contributes to their standing as one of the fastest-growing full-service commercial real estate firms in the Southeast. Offering services for office, retail, multifamily, and industrial assets, Franklin Street requires a strong location intelligence application in order to best serve clients and help them make wise commercial property investment decisions.

We spoke with Senior Director Larry Kahn about how and why Franklin Street Real Estate is using our map-based real estate application, LandVision™, to continue growing the firm’s footprint across the Southeast. Prior to using LandVision, Franklin Street found property analysis tools to be lacking the in-depth data they were seeking to streamline research and analysis. Now with LandVision, Kahn feels Franklin Street will see continued growth and will be able to better help clients meet their objectives.

Using LandVision to Gain a Competitive Edge

Commercial real estate is notoriously competitive, but using LandVision gives Franklin Street the upper hand in their market. LandVision delivers property insights that help brokerages discover optimal properties and offer data-driven guidance to their clients. 

“LandVision allows us to articulately explain a property on behalf of the seller or to prospective buyers. I get a full overview of an area and I get a visual of what’s happening, including traffic, zoning, points of interest, and much more. I can see how many properties landowners have, even if any of those properties fall under a different LLC. This helps me make better decisions,” Kahn says.

LandVision allows you to analyze property data and access unique insights your competitors may have missed. For example, reviewing LandVision’s comprehensive owner portfolios layered onto a map with current property values could reveal a potential off-market deal and a great opportunity for an owner who should consider selling prime property. Often, this includes being able to identify the individual property owners behind LLCs or trusts. 

In addition to helping firms find profitable opportunities, LandVision makes it easy to present data to clients in a way they can easily understand. Using visual displays makes it easy to explain property insights to clients to help them make sales and investment decisions.  “I often use the site profile report,” Kahn shared. “This feature has the capacity to present a property in a sophisticated and technical way to our customers. It gives the bird’s eye visual alongside property data points like demographics and zoning. It helps in showing complex information in a simple way.”

LandVision Helps Franklin Street Work Smarter and Faster

LandVision helps commercial real estate firms save time in several ways. First, it offers quick and easy access to comprehensive property data all in one application. Additionally, LandVision allows you to access property data and create detailed reports within seconds. Finally, LandVision data is continually updated, meaning brokerages are always making decisions using accurate data. 

While using LandVision, Kahn finds that the application helps his team work faster and see properties with greater clarity. “A differentiator of LandVision that I did not find in your competitor’s products is the list function. It allows me to organize assemblages of properties with a quick, clear picture of what I need to see. It takes me 30 seconds to pull a list. Before LandVision, that process took over an hour,” Kahn says.

Onboarding and support has also been a game-changer for Kahn’s team, as they feel LandVision offers an excellent user experience, even with a learning curve when they were getting started. “You offer excellent seminars, and your customer support is phenomenal. Phone calls get answered quickly, and the support team is articulate and understands exactly how the product works and how to help me. When I call with a problem, you fix it,” Kahn remarks.

LandVision Helps Franklin Street Grow their Business

LandVision delivers actionable data that Kahn’s team was able to start using immediately. He also found that the application adapts well to his needs and circumstances at any given time, and enables a deeper level of analysis than other tools he tried.

“I am a fan of LandVision, and we will expand our use of LandVision as our business grows,” explains Kahn. “It allows us to analyze properties in a way that other applications don’t. Particularly when you are looking at multiple parcels. Other applications deliver a very shallow version of this, but LandVision takes a deep dive into the data.”

“If you’re looking for quality with great service, then LandVision is what you need.” 

LandVision delivers comprehensive property data and unique insights, allowing Franklin Street brokers to better serve clients and grow their business. If you’re ready to expand your firm’s analytical capabilities, request a free demo today!

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