How LandVision Streamlines Project Planning for A Top Engineering Consulting Firm

Award-winning engineering firm Psomas, operating in the western United States, serves the public and private sector in the transportation, water, site development, and energy markets. Prior to using LandVision, Psomas’ environmental division found that gathering the parcel data they needed for project planning was time-consuming and often produced inaccurate or outdated information. Additionally, the team was using multiple data sources in their research. They sought out a platform that could deliver a better workflow along with accurate location information. 

Enter our map-based real estate application LandVision. Now with access to accurate property data from LandVision, Psomas’ environmental division works more efficiently, confident they are working with high-quality data. GIS analyst in the company’s environmental division Michael Deseo, explains why his team relies on LandVision for effective workflows and quick and easy access to accurate property data. 

Instant Access to Detailed, Accurate Property Data

The ability to access detailed owner portfolios is a big time-saver for the environmental division. They no longer have to spend valuable time on research and outreach, as all information is now available to them in LandVision. “We use ownership portfolios in LandVision to generate mailers for property owners when we need to notify them of upcoming projects,” Deseo says. “It’s tremendously helpful to me and my team that we can access the information we need within minutes using LandVision.”

Data in LandVision is continually updating, meaning that Deseo’s team can feel confident they are working with reliable data. “We can trust the datasets in LandVision. Our teams can access the information they need with a single click rather than having to hunt online or reach out to individual municipalities, and we know the data will be accurate.”

Work Smart and Fast with Streamlined Workflows

LandVision makes property research and project planning faster and easier for Psomas’ environmental division, because the application gives the company access to standardized information, even across county boundaries. Additionally, LandVision’s user-friendly interface ensures data is accessible and actionable for experienced GIS professionals as well as novices.

“LandVision helps us eliminate extra legwork because it is intuitive and easy to use,” Deseo explains. “The built-in measurement tools are very useful. For example, we can overlay flood and wetlands information and then quickly assess the distance from a parcel or project boundary to nearby hazards.”

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