Real Estate Marketing Tips for Brokers

Your commercial real estate marketing efforts can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your pipeline full. With a few key marketing initiatives, commercial real estate brokers can grow their business even more. Let’s focus on a few real estate marketing strategies that are easy to implement and will boost your commercial real estate business. 

Use Social Media

A solid social media strategy should be top priority to market your real estate business. The great thing about social media is that it is easily accessible to all of your current and potential clients, so they are more likely to be searching for your services there. Plus, it is free and easy to get started with! It is best to pick two or three platforms that you can commit to; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are currently the most popular options for real estate. On each platform, make sure to set up a business profile – it should be completely separate from your personal accounts. Consistency is key so aim to post once a day, Monday through Friday. Remember that social media is meant to be social, so make an effort to comment, like, and share other people’s relevant content and respond to any comments on your posts. You can follow us on LinkedIn to stay in touch! 

Craft A Compelling Elevator Pitch

Before social media and technology took over, most business was done face to face. While real estate technology has certainly changed the way we communicate, having an “elevator pitch” ready can be a successful real estate marketing strategy as well. An elevator pitch is an easy way to introduce yourself to someone and quickly tell them what you do. This should be around 30 seconds or less and get the main point across regarding the services you offer and how it can benefit them. There might be times in the future where you meet a potential new client face to face, so being prepared with an elevator pitch is important. Knowing what you are going to say ahead of time can help you make a quick connection that could lead to future business. 

Send Email Newsletters

Another great real estate marketing tip is to utilize email to its fullest potential. Your current and potential clients are used to receiving emails, and it is a nice way to keep your name at the top of their mind. A great strategy for commercial real estate brokers is to send out a monthly or bi-monthly email newsletter. You can include links to your available properties, recent blog posts, and customer testimonials. Consider including a bit of local news that would be of interest to your readers, too. While your email newsletters are a form of marketing, it is best to include content that the recipient would find valuable and informative, so be sure the content is not just a sales pitch. Here’s a great resource for great email marketing.

Don’t Forget Property Marketing

There are two forms of commercial real estate marketing: marketing your business and marketing commercial property listings. Both of these go hand in hand, so your brand and messaging should be consistent. Keep in mind that future clients may find you through your property marketing. For example, the owner of a clothing boutique may be looking for a retail space to lease in your area. This owner could be researching available properties – not brokers – that would suit their needs. Marketing your current listings is expected from the property owner (your client), but it is also a great way to find potential tenants for the space. When marketing your properties, keep in mind who the target market is. This will vary based on your specialty and if you work more closely with buyers and sellers or landlords and tenants. Your property marketing materials should include online marketing sites, as well as brochures that can be easily emailed to an interested party or printed to bring to a property tour. 

While real estate marketing can get really detailed, it is best to focus on the basics mentioned above to get started. Done consistently, these forms of marketing will attract the attention of your ideal customers and help you boost your commercial real estate business.

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