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Companies leverage PARCEL to optimize property due diligence workflows, and a few recent enhancements to the platform help our clients become even more successful. PARCEL offers several features to help consulting firms get ahead of the competition while keeping teams connected and collaborative. In this article, we’re unboxing PARCEL to reveal the top 5 features our clients depend on to grow their businesses, support robust workloads without having to hire additional staff, and so much more. 

Using the PARCEL platform for efficient report authoring and project management

First, a quick primer on how our clients typically use the platform. PARCEL is used as a project management and report authoring platform on any scope of property due diligence work, including Phase I ESAs, PCAs, NEPA, RSRAs, asbestos surveys, mold assessments, and more.

PARCEL is an end-to-end solution, taking users from inception to invoice. In one platform, users can access data and the tools needed to produce reports that align with the project scope and represent your company’s branding and report parameters. Report writers save hours of time in formatting and other administrative and repetitive tasks related to report development. Last-minute client requests or critical information that comes in at the 11th hour can be quickly turned around because everything you need is in one place. 

Teams using PARCEL can collaborate and quickly sign off and deliver on reports in a way that is not possible when primarily using just documents. The end result is actionable, valuable information clients can use to quickly meet business objectives. 

The 5 PARCEL platform features making our clients successful:

Instant, accurate data acquisition 

PARCEL streamlines not just report authoring, but data acquisition as well. In addition to instant access to all data they have collected, users can order EDR/LightBox data directly through PARCEL and their requested reports are delivered into the proper appendices. Relevant data can then be pulled directly from the appendices into the report writer without needing to be re-keyed, minimizing the risk of potential data entry errors. Because PARCEL integrates with Collateral360, users are also able to receive any information they need from their lender clients without leaving the application. PARCEL creates a single repository for the data and content report authors need, which enables them to complete their scopes of work quickly and accurately.

Effortlessly produce consistent reporting

Between data acquisition from multiple sources, repeat data entry, and siloed work processes, developing reports can be time-consuming and produce inaccurate results. PARCEL solves these challenges while delivering consistent reports all within one platform. 

PARCEL saves a firm’s branding and templates for instant access when they’re needed, ensuring scope, branding, and report layouts remain consistent. The application also offers flexibility in report development so that elements can change based on client needs. Automating branding and templates saves time and greatly reduces errors. Users can tap into historical information from older reports to add into current projects. Additionally, dynamic drawing tools make it easy to create visual elements, while photo logs are easily formatted for sizing. 

Online report building collaboration

PARCEL breaks down siloed workflows, helping teams collaborate on reports when staff are remote or disconnected. All team members have role-based permissions, so each user receives the appropriate permissions for access and editing related to their role in the company. 

PARCEL makes it easy to get reports done quickly, even when input from several team members is required. PARCEL can be securely used from anywhere, and you don’t need a VPN or specific computer to get work done or to access projects. Coworkers have the ability to work collaboratively on projects in real-time, even when they are working in different locations. Senior staff members are able to check report progress, view which files and images have been uploaded to the report, and offer comments or insights throughout the report creation process, cutting down on time spent on back-and-forth edits or requests for status updates. This helps ensure client deadlines are met without the need to micromanage.

Mobile app to work from anywhere

Mobile-first workflows are growing in the workplace, with companies recognizing that on-the-go access to business tools improves data gathering and the ability to deliver high quality work faster. Many apps allow users to gather data but that’s where it ends, missing a critical workflow component. The PARCEL mobile app enables users to gather data, which can then be integrated into the specific sections of reports where it will be utilized. Report content like photos and notes gathered via the app are readily available in PARCEL. Additionally, the app works even when offline; users can start writing out reports without an internet connection and their content is automatically uploaded once service is available again.

APIs and integrations for quick project execution

Our solutions are designed to work with your existing processes rather than disrupt your workflows. PARCEL offers a full-suite of client-facing APIs that enable users to hook into their existing systems to maximize efficiency. PARCEL is flexible, and our APIs ensure you can augment your current process and management systems where needed, rather than a complete overhaul. 

PARCEL APIs facilitate the flow of information into and out of the platform, and between different systems. During project kick-off, for example, PARCEL APIs can streamline the process to make it faster. You only need to set them up once, and then will be able to add other steps as needed. If you have your own project management system, you can also extract EDR/LightBox data to support your processes. 

Want to learn How the PARCEL platform can help you?

PARCEL helps manage assessments from initiating and bidding on a project, through collecting data in the field, authoring reports, QA/QC, and more, all the way through to report delivery. At the end of the day, your clients are looking for a physical report that offers them actionable information they can leverage for success. PARCEL empowers your team to effectively deliver quality reporting that will help your clients win.

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