Benefits of Leveraging Location Technology for Renewable Energy Companies

Renewable energy companies are at the forefront of innovative technology, paving the way toward a cleaner, safer future. Now that renewable energies like wind and solar have proven to be viable and cost-effective, demand is increasing and energy companies are aiming to add more clean energy to the power grid. 

In developing systems to meet growing consumer demand, renewable energy companies are finding that location technology is highly impactful and cost-effective. Location technology is proving to support infrastructure expansion while mitigating risk and streamlining project planning workflows. 

This article breaks down some of the biggest benefits renewable energy companies experience from using location technology, illustrating exactly how it delivers major ROI.

Access to actionable data you can start using right now

As renewable energy companies seek out optimal sites to support expanding infrastructure, access to accurate property data is essential. Without a location platform, companies are left to either outsource data-gathering (which is costly and time consuming) or request information from county assessor offices (also time-consuming, and requires data storage and management to ensure information is updated and consistent). 

Location technology provides instant access to accurate property data that is consistently updated. This includes ownership details, land hazards, parcel size, zoning, land use, transaction history, and much more. Additionally, using one platform means data is easily aggregated and standardized for simplified workflows. This means anyone on your team can pull up the information they need within seconds, and make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively.

Efficient workflows that save time

Having location data on one platform offers several benefits to the internal workflows for renewable energy companies:

  • Standardized data and templates: Location data is accessible in a standardized format from every state, county, and municipality making it easier to apply data as needed for various projects. No more searching for data or trying to transfer data that is labeled differently from one template to another.
  • Platform-generated mailers to landowners: Using a location technology platform like LandVision allows users to create lists of owners with accurate mailing addresses, and create mailers directly from the platform. 
  • Data is automatically updated: Instead of having to recheck and update your existing data (or worse, rework project plans because your data was inaccurate), you can confidently use location data from a location technology provider knowing it’s been updated for you.
  • Determine accurate land value for new sites

    Developing or expanding renewable energy infrastructure requires acquisition of land to own or lease. When using location technology, property negotiations are supported by data. This data-driven decision making clearly illustrates fair market value for prospective sites, ensuring a cost-effective approach to land acquisition. 

    Location technology provides instant access to attributes like transaction history, ownership details, taxes, and comparables. You also gain access to historical data, showing how each parcel has changed over time, which could be helpful in projecting how land value could trend in the future.

    Pinpoint potential risks and clearly see how to avoid them

    Leveraging location technology as a risk mitigation tool offers massive ROI to renewable energy companies, helping them avoid acquiring suboptimal land. Location data helps develop unique insights when considering properties, making it clear where the best opportunities exist. For example, reviewing land use designation of desired parcels along with neighboring parcels could reveal complex environmental compliance issues that may arise. 

    Additionally, by reviewing data layered onto a map users gain a unique vantage point when considering long and short-term investments. This data includes hazard data like floodplains, earthquake, or landslide, along with terrain, slope, proximity to power lines, and historic changes to properties.

    Why renewable energy companies throughout North America rely on DMP LightBox 

    Whether you require a solution that delivers property data into software you’re currently using, or a complete end-to-end solution, LandVision by DMP LightBox delivers ROI by supporting better business decisions, helping companies save time and money. 

    DMP LightBox provides location intelligence solutions that seamlessly integrate into your company’s workflows. Our solutions offer flexible, content-rich location intelligence with compelling insights that lead to more effective decision-making for renewable energy companies. 

    DMP LightBox offers applications, web services, and data, and easily configures to your workflows. Options include:


    SmartParcels is a nationwide parcel database that ties 300+ property and tax attributes to property boundaries, including ownership information, transaction history, tax assessments, and more.


    SpatialStream is our web service that seamlessly works with your existing system to deliver more value. Whether it’s ArcGIS or another proprietary application, you can incorporate our parcel and location data into your workflow, which means you’ll always have the latest data available with no data processing required.


    LandVision is a turnkey, yet configurable mapping application that provides renewable energy companies with the ability to research properties, manage infrastructure, and make confident decisions. LandVision is quick to deploy, easy to use, features continually updated information, and requires zero user maintenance or infrastructure.

    Contact us to learn how we can help you

    DMP LightBox offers you the ability to make quick, informed decisions about all property data related to your business, including parcel, property, and surface ownership. The platform is powerful enough to support the GIS experts on your team, as well as non-experts who need location intelligence for land acquisition, compliance, engineering, and more.

    Whether you need one of our solutions or a combination of offers, we will work with you to customize a package and pricing that aligns with your business needs. And to read more about using location data for renewable energy site selection, read our full guide here.

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