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Boost your business intelligence and enhance your decision-making process with consolidated property data, analytics, and market trends in one platform.

Four layers of data, core property insights

We unify multiple data streams to empower insight, decision-making, and prediction.

Each property is given its own unique platform-wide identifier. Our matching framework is based on geospatial analysis, knowledge graphs, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Foundational layer

Determine the relevant addresses, structures, and parcels for the subject target property

  • Parcel boundaries
  • Building footprints
  • Metadata (height, ground elevation, area, etc.)
  • High-resolution address points
  • Commercial sites

Enrichment layer

Spatially intersect and entity match the property with elements of our enrichment layer

  • Assessment data
  • Transaction data
  • Zoning data
  • Jurisdictional data
  • Functional boundaries
  • Demographics

Security layer

Connect the property to equity, debt, and other components of the security layer using our knowledge graph

  • Equity: True ownership data
  • Debt: Lender/debt holder, debt terms, loan to value, etc.
  • Leasing data
  • Comparables
  • Portfolio analysis

Environmental layer

Leverage geospatial models to recognize relevant hazards and other data from our environmental layer

  • Environmental data
  • Hazard data
  • Flood data
  • Historical aerials
  • Sanborn maps
  • Topography

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