LightBox Data

LightBox Building Footprint Data

Comprehensive and accurate nationwide building footprint data combined with hundreds of other property attributes


LightBox Building Footprints Data provides highly detailed and accurate building footprint information, essential for real estate professionals, urban planners, developers, and researchers. Our data includes precise outlines and attributes of buildings, ensuring efficient workflows and informed decision-making.

High accuracy data derived from high-precision sources for exact building outlines.

Comprehensive coverage across all 50 states.

Consistent updates to reflect the latest changes in the built environment.

Our Coverage

LightBox provides 100% nationwide building coverage.

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Features and Benefits


Our data includes precise building outlines for millions of properties, allowing for accurate property assessments and planning. This data is crucial for visualizing the built environment.


Comprehensive building attributes, including building height, ground elevation, number of stories and more to provide in-depth information for analysis and decision-making.


Integration of data from various sources, including satellite imagery, aerial photography, and authoritative sources, ensures comprehensive and up-to-date building footprints.

High-precision geospatial data allows for accurate mapping and analysis of building footprints. Includes coordinates and spatial relationships with other geographic features.

Access LightBox Building Footprint Data

Bulk Data Downloads

Download large datasets in various formats, including CSV, SHP, and GeoJSON, to suit your needs.

API Access

Access our data seamlessly through the LightBox API. Integrate building data into your applications and workflows with ease. Features include search by building ID, coordinates, and more.

LightBox Vision

LightBox Vision, our powerful mapping and property research tool, allows users to access building footprint data with ease.

Feature Service

Leverage our Feature Service to access building footprints data dynamically within your GIS applications. The Feature Service allows for real-time querying and visualization of building footprints, ensuring you have the most current information at your fingertips.

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