Building Footprint

Hyper-accurate building data designed to answer critical questions

What is in and around a building? Find the location-based answers you need with our attribute-rich building data, linked to LightBox address and SmartParcel data.

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Product Certified SANBORN MAP® Report

Why choose Building Footprints

Zoom in on essential details

Explore nationwide coverage of building shapes greater than 250 square feet for more than 99% of the US population.

Link to relevant data

Connect with parcel/assessor data (SmartParcels®), as well as address data (SmartFabric).

Access more attributes

Gain insights to precise rooftop-level location, as well as primary and secondary addresses, building height, ground elevation and more.

Tailor product delivery

Choose from bulk data, real-time API, or LandVision™ for how you’d like to consume data.


Our LightBox BuildingFootPrintUSA® Addresses product joins building footprint polygons with all known address information for each feature. We provide the best address information possible, for simple single family home, multi-unit dwellings or large office buildings with multiple secondary units, and address information from multiple streets.

Address Applications

We estimate that there are 140m-170m building footprints in the US. Building footprints or their derivatives will displace 75% of address point and parcel boundary usage as the primary ingredient for locating, analyzing and visualizing address information.

Addresses are used to:

  • Geocode
  • Reverse Geocode
  • Create High Accuracy Buffers or Geofences
  • To Connect Building Footprints to Other Address-based Data

Physical and Property Characteristics

Many of your business problems probably require you to understand what a building looks like, or what its key statistics are.

LightBox BuildingFootPrintUSA® data captures many physical & property characteristics, such as:

  • Building height
  • Ground elevation
  • Perimeter Ground Elevation
  • COPE/Real Property Data

Building height is the basic building block when you want to visualize or analyze information in 3D.  Viewsheds, line of sight, wireless signal propagation, urban planning — all require the ability to understand the height of buildings.  We are adding building height attribution to millions of buildings with each of our releases.

Commercial Insights

Through any of this analysis, you may want to understand two things. First, what are the individual businesses at a location and what are their characteristics? Second, what can be said about the building based on all of the businesses that are within the building?

Creating Data Solutions with Commercial Information

  • What businesses matter to you? Every business? Just businesses that have a certain characteristic or classification?
  • What attribution matters to you? Do you need certain firmographic data, ownership information, sales data or more?
  • Do you need to analyze this information by individual business or aggregate and analyze business data rolled up to the building?
  • What geography or geographies do you care about?

We listen to your needs and curate building footprint and business data solutions that solve your business problems.

Residential Information

Your business problems may require you to understand people — individuals, households, concentrations of people in one building. You may need to understand the characteristics of the people — their demographics. Or you may need to understand the buildings that they live in.

LightBox BuildingFootPrintUSA® data solutions can provide you the insight.

Choose from a number of categories of data that can make up a solution:

  • Household demographics of the building’s residents
    • Population, income, age, wealth, and race.
  • Ownership and valuation of the building
    • Is the building owner-occupied, when was it last sold and for how much, what is the tax burden of the building?
  • Type of residence
    • Is the building a single family home, a larger multi-dwelling unit complex, a two family flat, condominium, or townhouse?
  • Physical characteristics of the building
    • The building’s height, square footage, number of units, foundation type, roof type, and myriad other variables.
  • Individual elements that can make up a residence
    • How many bedrooms, is there a swimming pool, does the building have a detached garage?

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