Join Us At LightBox

Like data, you have limitless potential to be an agent of change.

At LightBox, we provide a unique opportunity to learn from and work alongside our teams that intersect data and technology.

It’s rewarding for us to foster curiosity, collaboration, and community while working on the most ambitious challenges in data. We are open to risk-takers and problem solvers whose potential is realized within environments of innovation across North America.

Discover Your Next Team

We’re looking to staff our offices across North America with people who are eager to grow, succeed and own their path forward.

Our Core Values


We take on substantial challenges with fresh perspectives and team-based strategy. Our team operates with openness and full transparency with our clients and internal team members.


We support initiatives that impact the communities where we live and work. Building collective success is key to our vision and is beneficial to all.


Passion can inspire creativity and promote a dynamic workplace. We support thought leaders who strive to be influential in our field.


Personal development drives professional excellence and personal fulfillment that allows you to thrive. That’s why we provide flexible tools for growth and accommodate every learning style.

Why Work at LightBox?

Our Culture & Purpose

At LightBox, we provide a supportive ear to assist you to thrive. We believe the best work comes from a growth mindset, rooted in unique perspectives gained through diversity in experience and culture.

Our purpose is to transform and enrich our clients through people, information, and data technology. We’re a team of innovators looking to find and mentor creative and independent thinkers who aspire to use their talents to make a longstanding impact.


Diversity of Thought. Innovation Within Community.

We believe having a variety of opinions, ideas, backgrounds, experiences and unique perspectives allows us to better understand and learn from each other in order to drive our mission.

Our commitment to an equitable, diverse, and collaborative culture is the cornerstone of every strategic decision that we make and is the catalyst for innovation.

Meet Our People

“At LightBox, I have so many different role models have helped me develop skills and encouraged me to grow, discover new things, and reach my potential. This company is full of good people who want to see their colleagues succeed.”

Candi Coleman, VP, Head of Lender Strategy

“LightBox has unlocked my career in ways I could have never imagined. Not only is there a vision larger than anything I’ve had the opportunity to work on, but leadership consistently empowers passionate individuals to effectuate real change. I honestly can say that I have found my dream job here.”

Nate Emerson, Software Engineer

“The best part of coming to LightBox is that I’m stretching, growing and flexing new muscles. I am so happy to be part of this team. What I love most is every single person here that I work with is an “A” player, works hard, and is at the top of their game.  What a great environment to grow.”

Leslie Mireles, Senior Strategic Account Manager