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LightBox Zoning Data

Comprehensive and detailed zoning information with nationwide coverage


LightBox Zoning Data offers detailed and comprehensive zoning information, essential for real estate professionals, urban planners, developers, and researchers. Our data includes key zoning attributes and classifications, ensuring efficient workflows and informed decision-making.

Nationwide zoning data coverage for all classifications

Zoning data sourced directly from the municipality

Consistent updates and detailed attributes

Features and Benefits


Our data includes detailed zoning classifications for millions of properties, allowing for accurate planning and regulatory compliance. This includes zoning codes, descriptions, and permitted uses.


Comprehensive land use regulations provide essential information for understanding what can be built and how land can be used, supporting informed decision-making for development and planning.


Integration of data from various sources, including municipal records, county assessors, and field surveys, ensures comprehensive and up-to-date zoning information.

High-precision geospatial data allows for accurate mapping and analysis of zoning information. Includes coordinates and spatial relationships with other geographic features.

Access LightBox Zoning Data

Bulk Data Downloads 

Download large datasets in various formats, including CSV, SHP, and GeoJSON, to suit your needs.

API Access

Access our zoning data via LightBox API. Integrate zoning data into your applications and workflows with ease.

LightBox Vision

Within LightBox Vision, users can access zoning data with specific zoning codes – and with the ability to search with specific zoning criteria.

LightBox Feature Service

Zoning data is available in the LightBox Feature Service. This data is delivered with other core datasets including parcel boundaries, addresses, assessment and building data.

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