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LightBox Assessment Data

Comprehensive and accurate property assessment information with nationwide coverage and regular updates


LightBox Assessment Data provides highly detailed and accurate property assessment information, essential for real estate professionals, appraisers, investors, and researchers. Our data includes key assessment values and attributes, ensuring efficient workflows and informed decision-making.

Rich property attributes

Comprehensive coverage – consistent updates

Enhanced financial analysis

Our Coverage

LightBox provides 100% nationwide assessment coverage.

Features and Benefits


Our data includes precise assessment values, allowing for accurate property valuations and financial analysis. This includes assessed value, market value, and improvement value.


Comprehensive tax data, including property tax amounts, tax rates, and historical tax information, supports thorough financial assessments and planning.


Detailed property attributes such as land use, zoning, building characteristics, and lot size provide in-depth information for a wide range of applications.

Integration of data from multiple trusted sources, including county assessors, municipal records, and field surveys, ensures comprehensive and up-to-date assessment information.

Access LightBox Assessment Data

Bulk Data Downloads 

Download large datasets in various formats, including CSV, SHP, and FGDB, to suit your needs.

API Access

Access our data seamlessly through the LightBox API. Easily integrate assessment data into your applications and workflows.

LightBox Vision

Within LightBox Vision, access assessment data with ease. Analyze assessment information efficiently and understand exactly what you need to about a specific property

LightBox Feature Service

Leverage our Feature Service to access assessment data dynamically within your GIS applications. Query and visualize assessment data in real-time, ensuring you are working with the most current data.

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