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Accurate and reliable geocoding services with high precision and nationwide coverage


LightBox Geocoding Data offers highly accurate and reliable geocoding services, essential for real estate professionals, urban planners, developers, and researchers. Our data ensures precise location information, enhancing workflows and enabling informed decision-making.

Roof-top level precision

Nationwide coverage

Seamless integration

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Features and Benefits


Our geocoding services provide rooftop-level accuracy, ensuring precise location data for hundreds of millions of addresses. This level of detail supports critical applications such as emergency response and detailed mapping.


Integration of data from various sources, including postal records, property databases, and E911 and municipalities, ensures comprehensive and up-to-date geocoding information.


Efficiently process large data sets with our batch geocoding capabilities, perfect for high-volume applications and large-scale projects.

Convert geographic coordinates into human-readable addresses with our reverse geocoding service, enabling location identification and analysis.

Access LightBox Geocoding

Bulk Data Downloads 

Full address universe available as a bulk delivery to support your geocoding engine.

API Access

Access our geocoder seamlessly through the LightBox API. Integrate geocoding into your applications and workflows with ease. Features include search full address text, parsed text, autocomplete and custom addresses sources.

LightBox Vision

Geocoding built directly into LightBox Vision, our powerful mapping and property research tool. LightBox Vision provides intuitive map-based navigation, advanced search capabilities, and robust data visualization tools, enabling users to explore and analyze properties and related information efficiently.

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