Let location-based intelligence empower your decisions

Informed policy decisions depend on accurate data. LightBox uses location-based intelligence to gather data useful for infrastructure planning, disaster mitigation plans, environmental impact, and more. Utilize our authoritative data so you can avoid operational inconsistencies and make the best choices, whether you’re involved in federal, state or local government.

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Key Benefits

Comprehensive Set Of Locations

Access a list of used and potential addresses from multiple sources that includes data around geolocation, classification, building footprints and more.

Instant Data Access

Our innovative solutions eliminate the need to request data from individual counties, so you can access everything you need in one place.

Plan & Manage Infrastructure

Easily handle right-of-way projects with comprehensive property and GIS data including ownership, transaction history, and comp values. Departments dealing with right-of-way projects like road and bridge construction can quickly and easily determine the fastest and most cost-effective routes.

Proactively Plan

Whether addressing health and human service issue or planning disaster mitigation, our location intelligence ensures you have the granular view needed to map population density and vulnerable demographics against rapid response locations such as hospitals and medical facilities.

Easy Integration

Use and adapt our data for your set of unique requirements or incorporate it into existing workflows. Our united information helps you get greater insights in order to practice data-driven decision making.

Ensured Consistency

The standardization and normalization of information is useful when working with data across departments and with access to business intelligence, geospatial intelligence and other dashboards, you can properly serve your constituents.

Customers We’ve Empowered

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Connected Data

Parcel Boundaries

Nationwide parcel boundaries with 300+ property and tax attributes to help you make more confident decisions. Covers 3,100+ U.S. counties including territories, with over 150 million parcels with polygon geometry that is completely normalized. 

Building Footprints

Building footprints are geospatial boundaries that provide the outline of a building drawn along the exterior walls. 

Business Listings

Comprehensive view of tens of millions of businesses across the United States.

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