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Broadband Mapping

Creating a rich, highly accurate national fabric of broadband coverage with over 300 property attributes & spatial data layers.

  • Utilize a comprehensive, high accuracy location map
  • Create the workflow to engage ISP stakeholders and determine served and unserved
  • Solve adjacent problems such as affordability, uptake, and speed
  • Analyze and publish results to ensure transparency


Find the location-based answers you need with our in-depth, attribute-rich building data.

  • Zoom in on essential details
  • Link to relevant data via SmartParcels® and SmartFabric™
  • Access more building and location attributes
  • Tailor product delivery for how you’d like to consume data
  • Evolve with the trends with quarterly product updates


Our Canadian parcel database contains property boundaries for 11.1 million Canadian properties, representing over 97% of properties in Canada, and covering more than 94% of the population.

  • Contains over 97% property boundaries in Canada.
  • Easily integrate CanMap® Address Points into your business applications.
  • Ideal for optimizing vehicle routing, personal navigation, territory management, & determining customer serviceability.
  • More than 300 mapping layers & compiles coast-to-coast GIS data from Streetfiles, RouteLogistics, Postal CodeOM Suite plus more.

Certified Sanborn Map® Report

Access the complete holdings of the Sanborn® Library, which dates from 1866 and includes over 1.3 million Sanborn® Fire Insurance Maps.

  • Validate your search with ease with Sanborn® certification numbers
  • Access everything you need in one place
  • Utilize online tools to layer and switch between maps, photos and more
  • Experience unparalleled speed within one business day


Track properties and transactions, schedule tasks and more on the all-in-one CRM platform built for CRE professionals.

  • Gain complete oversight over your properties
  • Manage and monitor your pipeline
  • Track sale and lease comps
  • Go mobile with our iPhone and Android apps
  • Leverage our back-office assistant team


Manage all your property due diligence from a single dashboard—from appraisal procurement and environmental reports to flood certificates, tax monitoring and more.

  • Accelerate loan approvals by streamlining tasks
  • Control lending risk ensuring each transaction is managed to standards
  • Comply with excellence
  • Turn data into action tracking costs, measuring performance and more
  • Oversee vendor management with reliable tools

EDR City Directory Report

A super library offering you the best way to find city directory information.

  • Access exclusive collections including the Haines and Stewart directory collections
  • Expedite turnaround time
  • Gather current and hard-to-find data with the support of expert field researchers

EDR Environmental Data Packages

Cutting edge tools and access to trusted government records to help environmental professionals perform property due diligence with efficiency and ease.

  • Three speciality service packages: Basic, Standard, and EDR Premium. Choose the right package for your scope of work.

EDR Historical Aerial Photos

Get digitally reproduced photos from each decade, often beginning in the 1930’s and continuing to present day.

  • View historical aerial photos in multiple formats
  • Access the industry leading collection
  • Customized requests
  • Review photos in EDR Lightbox

EDR Historical Topographic Maps

Advanced mapping solutions designed to help environmental professionals make faster, easier evaluations.

  • Center your target property to easily review the right information every time
  • Track changes over time
  • Identify potential concerns referencing 6,500 proprietary maps

EDR Lightbox® Data Viewer

Improve the data review process with the leading site assessment data viewer.

  • Get faster results saving you time
  • Bring your research into focus with georeferencing and property boundaries
  • All the tools you need within one application

EDR OnDemand®

Access 23 million up-to-date environmental records compiled from federal, state, local and tribal sources.

  • Locate environmental information online 24/7
  • Access EDR proprietary collections
  • Use data to evaluate risks, verify accuracy and identify conditions to support decision making

EDR Radius Map with GeoCheck®

Access the most comprehensive radius map report in the industry trusted by thousands of environmental consultants.

  • Practice comprehensive environmental due diligence with over 1,600 records
  • Enjoy advanced features including interactive maps to increase productivity
  • Gain access to the most current and dependable data available

Environmental Data Resources

With over 2,000 databases, and the nation’s largest collection of historical resources, LightBox puts the power of quality data and insight into the hands of the industry’s most successful site assessors.

  • We’re here to provide you with due diligence information you can rely on, workflow tools to streamline your processes, up-to-date market analyses and so much more.

Environmental Risk Screen

Manage risk with the most thorough and comprehensive database of environmental records in the nation.

  • Identify potential environmental issues early so you can define future actions
  • Determine risks, evaluate properties and provide official documentation for your loan file
  • Manage small balance loans to meet specific underwriting requirements for SBA loans and conventional loans


  • Proven management tools and powerful data come together in one platform to improve how you source, underwrite and close deals


Comprehensive map-based property research, analysis and management for industries including real estate and government sectors.

  • Monitor the performance of your business
  • Manage your RFP and job pipeline
  • Complete property research in minutes
  • Eliminate manual data entry and report assembly

PARCEL Platform

Streamline your property due diligence process by producing reports that are in line with brand standards, free of errors and easily deliverable to customers.

  • Make report writing seamless, saving time and maintaining consistency
  • Use on any scope of work including Phase I ESAs, Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), NEPA and more
  • Manage investigations with ease with end-to-end support from bidding through final delivery


A trusted CRE solution that increases the speed, exposure, and security of CRE sales through a streamlined online platform.

  • Source and Evaluate More Deals In Less Time With Marketplace
  • Market, Manage & Close On Listings With Ease
  • Empowered Solutions For Organizations of All Sizes

RCM Deal Center

Streamline the process of buying commercial real estate with tool that enable you to analyze deals and match with properties based on your unique buying criteria.

  • Analyze deals with unbiased research
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Visualize sites with interactive maps
  • Uncover ownership and transaction history
  • Generate comprehensive reports

RCM Marketplace

Discover and view comprehensive details of commercial real estate properties on an up-to-date and easy-to-use search platform.

  • Filter properties by state, city, asset or investment type
  • View high-resolution photos, interactive maps, detailed property information and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Access all details directly from your mobile device with our free Marketplace App


SmartFabric integrates the breadth and depth of LightBox’s data solutions to create comprehensive and highly accurate mapping giving you the ability to find exact property location details.

  • Access all addresses in the US including all 50 states, D.C, tribal and U.S. territories
  • Keep up with trends with more than 4,000 data sources and growing
  • Customize delivery with your preferred technology
  • Combine with other datasets to expand your insights exponentially


Power your decision making with parcel boundary data combining 300+ property and tax attributes, plus flexible delivery and pricing models to fit your needs.

  • Feed your portfolio monitoring with property characteristics and precise parcel boundary locations for over 99% of the US population
  • Identify leading indicators of portfolio attrition creating actionable insights
  • Simplify management with a single, normalized data structure across 3,000+ counties


A comprehensive suite of web services and APIs that delivers the location-based data you need, with access to SmartParcels®, Building Footprints and more.”

  • On-demand access to the entire LightBox catalog of data and insights
  • Calculate with precision using powerful spatial and attribute API used for spatial calculations and enrichment
  • Uncover unique data patterns leveraging LightBox connected data assets
  • Run better tests to discover how specific capabilities will integrate into a client’s workflow and applications
  • Tailor your plan with flexible licensing and pricing options designed to fit any budget


A revolutionary end-to-end workflow solution that helps valuation professionals with research, appraisal writing and pipeline management.

  • Monitor the performance of your business
  • Manage your RFP and job pipeline
  • Complete property research in minutes
  • Eliminate manual data entry and report assembly

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