PZR® Reports

The Gold Standard of Zoning Due Diligence 

Close deals and make smarter decisions with PZR®’s most experienced zoning data reports

With PZR® (The Planning and Zoning Resource Company) being part of LightBox, you can profit from the competitive advantages only the industry’s most trusted zoning leader can provide.

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Key Takeaways

Gold Standard for Zoning Due Diligence​

Close deals and make smarter decisions with PZR’s gold standard zoning data reports

Deep Ties to 99% of Municipalities​

Making it easier to get the data you need for zoning due diligence and close​

DUS Compliance

Meets Fannie Mae third-party report standards

Unmatched Range and Scope

Experience providing zoning compliance reports on billions of dollars in transactions every year​​

Customized Reports

Meet your exact needs and avoid costly zoning mistakes

​Satisfies All Lender Requirements​

Providing information for 3-06, 3.1-06 & 3.2-06 zoning endorsement

Who is PZR®?

Founded in 1994

PZR® is the country’s oldest zoning company providing Zoning Reports, Municipal Documents, Violation Searches, and Compliance Verification.

The PZR® Reports are fully compliant with Fannie Mae DUS reporting template and includes DUS XML file with report delivery.

PZR® Reports provide data used by underwriters for the issuance of Ordinance & Law Coverage in the event of a massive casualty.

PZR® Satisfies All Lender Requirements

Providing information to Title Company for 3-06, 3.1-06, & 3.2-06 Zoning Endorsement:

  • Review of the current municipal zoning requirements with existing survey in conjunction with municipal approvals and historical documents
  • Conformance status to zoning as to permitted uses, building setbacks, building height, density? FAR and parking and right to re-build statement for legally nonconforming issues

PZR® Delivers

  • Zoning Verification letter – including copy of municipal zone map
  • Copies of applicable Variances, Special Permits, Conditions, Ordinances and Rezoning Approvals
  • Copies of Outstanding Zoning / Building Code and Fire Code Violations
  • Copies of Existing Certificates of Occupancy
  • Copies of Approved Site Plans and Approvals as available

Rely on PZR® Products and Services

PZR Report Analysis

PZR’s most comprehensive review, which provides the Conformance Status of your Property, as well as Historical Document Review and Violation Searches. Accepted by all Lenders and Law Firms Nationwide.

Executive Summary Report

Provides quick due diligence review

Provides information to Title Company for 3.1-06 Zoning Endorsement

Use Analysis Report

Provides zoning due diligence to clients on an as-requested basis, often for raw land or property being considered for demolition/re-purposing

Document Acquisition Package

Providing Zoning Verification Letter, Outstanding Zoning and Building Code Violations, and or Existing Certificates of Occupancy (if applicable) on an as-requested basis

Tile Insurer Packet

Providing Information to the Title Company and/or Land Surveyor to comply with 2021 Alta Survey Requirements

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