Plan, manage, and maintain service across the U.S. and Canada

With today’s increasing pace of business, you need to make decisions quicker than ever. LightBox provides you with real-time support in order to promote efficiency, no matter your area of focus. Access information critical to the maintenance of assets, gain visibility into customer usage habits and spend less time on your compliance reporting.

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Key Benefits

Understand Client Needs

Our data helps make finding new customers and tracking transactions easier, in order to facilitate faster segmentation and targeting. Plus, shape successful strategies by identifying unique property characteristics.

Forecast Demand

Understand your market’s demographics and population density to more accurately forecast demand. Make informed decisions regarding current and future supply needs with the help of historical aerial imagery and household growth forecasts.

Strengthen Communications

Our location intelligence platform includes property ownership information as well as comprehensive demographics such as age, gender, income, education level and more. This content combined with our mail merge functionality, allows you to easily send mailers to your target audience.

Maintain Infrastructure & Manage Assets

We help provide pivotal situation and operation awareness data, as well as information to help you ensure location accuracy. Increase productivity and reduce costs with systems to help you with operational assets as well as equipment, fleet and vegetation management.

Simplify Planning & Reporting

Create clear and concise reports with master data, to make sure you’re using standardized and up-to-date terminology.

Easily Handle Right-Of-Way Projects

Departments dealing with right-of-way projects like service expansion and maintenance upgrades can quickly and easily determine the fastest and most cost-effective routes.

Utility Solutions

Connected Data

Address Point

Address information for single family home, multi-unit dwellings or large office buildings with multiple secondary units and address information from multiple streets.

Building Footprints

Building footprints are geospatial boundaries that provide the outline of a building drawn along the exterior walls. 

Parcel Boundaries

Nationwide parcel boundaries with 300+ property and tax attributes to help you make more confident decisions. Covers 3,100+ U.S. counties including territories, with over 150 million parcels with polygon geometry that is completely normalized. 

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