LightBox ID

The LightBox ID

The industry leading unique identifier ensuring data precision, consistency, and seamless integration across your location datasets


The LightBox ID is a unique identifier that plays a crucial role in the real estate and location data ecosystem. It ensures consistency and accuracy across various datasets, enabling seamless data integration and improved data quality. By assigning a unique identifier to each data point, LightBox ID helps in merging, comparing, and analyzing data with greater precision.

Unique identifier

Integration capabilities

Data consistency

Features and Benefits


The LightBox ID significantly improves the overall quality of data by minimizing discrepancies and errors. By providing a unique identifier for each data point, it ensures that information is accurately represented and consistently linked across datasets, leading to more reliable and actionable insights.


With the LightBox ID, linking various datasets becomes seamless and efficient. This capability is crucial for applications such as property transactions, zoning information, and real estate analytics, where accurate data merging and comparison are essential for making informed decisions.


The LightBox ID simplifies data management processes, making it easier for organizations to govern, organize, and report data. It supports robust data governance frameworks, ensuring data integrity, compliance, and efficient data handling across the organization.

LightBox ID improves data interoperability across different platforms and systems. By providing a standardized identifier, it facilitates the exchange and integration of data between various applications and databases. This interoperability streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and allows for a unified view of the data landscape, ultimately leading to better decision-making.

Accessing the LightBox ID

Bulk Data Downloads

Not only are LightBox IDs are included within each of our datasets, they are also delivered with individual relationship tables to empower your workflows.

API Access

Access our data seamlessly through the LightBox API. Use the LightBox IDs to retrieve Parcel, Building, Assessment records related to that ID.

LightBox Vision

LightBox Vision incorporates LightBox IDs throughout the product.

LightBox Feature Service 

Leverage our Feature Service to access address data dynamically within your GIS applications. The Feature Service has pre-configured relationships using the LightBox IDs allowing related feature discovery.

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