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Developing Leaders Program FAQ

Q: When Can I Submit My Application?

A: Applications for the 2021-2022 Class of Developing Leaders are now being accepted until August 16, 2021. To apply, fill out the application here

Q: If you consider yourself a middle-of-the-road’er, not a newbie and not a veteran, but would like mentoring from a seasoned mentor, is there potential in this program?

A: Absolutely. The definition of a “Developing Leader” is “a CRE risk management professional at a financial institution or environmental consultant firm having less than 10 years of work experience,” but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you have the desire to gain experience through collaboration and guidance with an industry veteran, are interested in the opportunities, and willing to meet the expectations of a mentee that are outlined here, then submit an application by August 16, 2021 for consideration.

Q: Do the mentor-mentee meetings have to be in person?

A: No. The monthly meetings are typically conducted by phone, Zoom, Skype or whatever means are most convenient for each mentor and mentee pair. Certainly if you and your mentor happen to be located close by, a face to face meeting isn’t discouraged, but the important thing is that contact is made no less than once per month at the program’s launch and through to the program’s graduation 12 months later.

Q: What if I recommend an employee to be a mentee and I lose them to another firm?

A: “The reality is that if we want to be relevant, we have to pass information on. We need to grow people. That’s what Gen Zs and millennials need. They need our help and support in that. So don’t be afraid to recommend somebody or lose somebody crossing the border and going somewhere else. That’s not what this is about. This is not intended as a job app site. This is an investment-in-people site. People do move across borders. It’s natural. It doesn’t happen nearly as much as you fear. The Developing Leaders program is really about investing in people. And if something happens and you lose someone you’ll get two new ones. Do it for the right reasons and don’t fear it for the wrong reasons.” John Rybak, SVP Truist Bank and co-founder Developing Leaders program.

Q: Can you explain how the matching between mentees and mentors will be done?

A: For mentees, it’s important to know if you are interested in finding a mentor because there is a particular area of expertise you’re interested in, or just want a broader focus to your career path or feel something lacking that they need help with. The reason we ask for accomplishments and goals is to give us the ability to match those who have gone before with those who want to go there specifically by mutual interests. So if an applicant aspires to become the prevailing expert in a particular area, we will pair the mentee with a mentor who has relevant expertise to share.

Be candid in these answers because we will use that information to match pairs in a way that makes logical sense and will be mutually beneficial for each mentor and mentee. The pairings have less to do with the type of firm or bank a person works at, and everything to do with their motivation for joining the Developing Leaders program, and of course their own personal goals. Mentees will be matched with veteran mentors in the industry who have expressed interest in sharing their expertise with the mentee Class of 2021-2022. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, send an email to us at DevelopingLeaders@lightboxre.com

Q: What can I do if I missed the August 16, 2021 deadline to submit an application, but am interested in learning more about this program and participating in the future?

A: Please send all inquiries regarding this program to DevelopingLeaders@lightboxre.com.

“It was helpful for me to have a mentor who is one of the few female mentors I’ve had in the sciences and that was one of my primary motivations for signing up for this program”

“My number one take away is that the personal development also benefits the company. I would really like people to understand that investing in your employees even if they’re on the younger side of things really benefits the company. It gives them a sense of pride in their career and what they want to do”

“Being a part of a program like this is beneficial not only to the mentee but also to the mentor. So I would encourage anyone considering being a part of it to do it. Make the time for it. It’s greatly appreciated and hopefully it’ll come back around. ”

“I know it sounds dramatic, but this mentor program literally changed my life. It’s a reminder that it really just takes one person to jumpstart your career, or one person to lead you to an opportunity that spirals into something that wasn’t previously there and for me that one person really was my mentor!…I am forever grateful for that.”