Uncover more ways to lessen municipal zoning risk

In the event of a casualty, commercial lenders must protect themselves and the borrower if a property is found to violate zoning codes. But how do you navigate those unforeseen limitations and minimize risk?

Gain valuable insights on how to lessen municipal zoning risks from David Anderson, industry expert and President of LightBox PZR™ (The Planning and Zoning Resources Company). In this webinar, David covers:

  • Role of zoning in real property transactions
  • Risks associated with zoning noncompliance
  • Analysis of real-world examples of common non-conformities by the municipality, current, and previous owner
  • Advantages and limitations of ALTA zoning endorsements to the title policy and ordinance and law riders to the casualty insurance policy    

You will also discover how to make smarter decisions with the gold standard of zoning due diligence – PZR™’s zoning data reports.    

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to protect your business from the unforeseen risks of municipal zoning codes.   

Event Type:

On Demand


March 29, 2023