Unmatched accuracy saves you time and money

When it comes to insurance, precision is key. Make timely, cost-saving decisions with LightBox and access the data points you need in order to support customer acquisition, underwriting and risk assessment. Close your gaps in knowledge about ground elevation, rooftop geocodes and more.

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Key Benefits

Understand Potential Impact Of Natural Hazards

Accurately conduct risk assessment relating to natural hazards by evaluating property risk against different natural hazards – wetlands, flood, fire, superfund sites, brownfields, earthquake, and more.

Review Building & Property Detail

Quickly understand materials used in construction that would impact your quote premium. Year built, construction, roof type and roof material can help you more accurately understand risk.

Precision Location Assessment

With building footprints and true rooftop geocodes, you can make more accurate and smarter decisions that allow you to set your risk tolerance and underwriting rules with certainty.

Determine Rental Properties

Get a clear view into owner occupied, rentals, and other tenants. The fact that the owner will not be at the property on a regular basis presents a greater chance that a dwelling or unit will present a greater risk to the property.

Elevation Data

View the best elevation information on the market with high-resolution images designed to ensure accuracy. Quickly determine the qualities of a building and merge height data with other helpful information to easily access everything in one place.

Our Partners

We enable companies to enhance their existing solutions, to create new solutions for existing markets, and to solve previously intractable problems.

We develop partnerships with companies who innovate with our data and their expertise.

Connected Data

Parcel Boundaries

Nationwide parcel boundaries with 300+ property and tax attributes to help you make more confident decisions. Covers 3,100+ U.S. counties including territories, with over 150 million parcels with polygon geometry that is completely normalized. 

Building Footprints

Building footprints are geospatial boundaries that provide the outline of a building drawn along the exterior walls. 

Property Characteristics

Official record of property characteristics that is from property tax assessment.

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