LightBox and CREW Network: Working together to support gender equality in the commercial real estate industry

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Feb 07, 2022 3 mins

LightBox and CREW Network: Working together to support gender equality in the commercial real estate industry

As LightBox increasingly expands its technology leadership position across commercial real estate, partnerships will help take us to the next level. We’re particularly excited about assuming the role of 2022 Technology Program Partner with Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network, an international organization with 12,000 members representing decision-makers in virtually every segment of the CRE ecosystem. LightBox has been a sponsor of CREW Network since 2016, and many of our employees and clients are active CREW members in 71 chapters across the U.S. Our commitment to the future of the industry aligns with CREW’s dual mission of achieving gender equity and greater diversity and inclusion in commercial real estate.

Mentoring Women and Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

One of CREW’s most important initiatives is a highly-regarded benchmark study published every five years to gauge where the industry stands on achieving its diversity and inclusion goals. Working with CREW will help us expand our efforts in this area and lay the groundwork for continued improvement.

CREW also offers scholarships for young women entering real estate and mentorship programs that connect them with experienced professionals who serve as guides, answer questions, provide advice, and help them overcome challenges. With these programs, CREW is ensuring that the next generation of leaders has the guidance, connections, and expertise necessary for success.

At LightBox, we share CREW’s passion for investing in the success of young leaders.  Our Developing Leaders Mentorship program, now in its fourth year, is on a mission to connect professionals early in their careers with experienced industry leaders committed to providing coaching, sage career advice, and skill building. More than 50 young professionals from the environmental consulting and lender risk management sectors have already completed the program, mentored by veterans from the nation’s largest environmental consulting firms and financial institutions across the U.S. With our Board of Governors, program participants have access to networking with industry leaders, webinars on career development and brand-building, 1:1 calls with mentors and access to outside experts aligned with their individual career goals. Isolated during the pandemic, this year’s mentors—many of whom are female—seeking opportunities to network, learn and interact. Through projects like delivering an effective Elevator Pitch, mentees leave the program better equipped to speak with clients, colleagues and new connections with confidence and passion.

Showcasing Our Technology in Partnership with CREW

This year as we step into the role of Technology Program Partner, LightBox will help focus a spotlight on the critical role technology is playing in improving efficiency in today’s challenging business environment during the market’s recovery from the pandemic. Among other things, this will open avenues for expertise-sharing opportunities with our employees and CREW members, and thought leadership content with leading experts on timely technology topics. LightBox is also sponsoring a four-webinar Technology Virtual Series throughout the rest of this year with subject matter experts on the ways that technology solutions are driving innovation in commercial real estate.

Our new status comes at a propitious time as we expand our thought leadership role in the industry, and highlight the ways that data and workflow platforms can give commercial real estate professionals tools that improve efficiency and create a competitive edge.

Our chief executive, Eric Frank, summed it up: “Elevating our involvement to assume the role of 2022 Technology Program Partner was a logical fit for us as we further our mission of improving efficiency and enabling smarter decision making across the commercial real estate industry. LightBox shares CREW’s deep commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and mentoring the next generation of industry leaders. Many of our staff, clients and partners are leading executives who are actively involved in CREW chapters across the U.S., so we wanted to get behind that and support them as well as working to bring positive change to our industry. We’re excited to partner with CREW and look forward to increased opportunities to collaborate and share our insights as a technology leader with CREW members.”