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Feb 03, 2022 2 mins

UES consulting services creates competitive advantage using PARCEL for report standardization and workflow automation 

Engineering and environmental consulting firm UES Consulting Services relies on PARCEL to maintain compliance with client requirements and improve efficiency.  UES clients, particularly those requesting government agency scopes of work, have rigorous requirements around data consistency, standardization, quality and speed. UES used PARCEL to create standardized templates, ensuring that each report conforms to specific agency requirements. Now UES can confidently manage consistency, data accuracy, report layout and branding. Their team can access reports from anywhere — and they spend more time analyzing and creating insight and less time compiling reports.  Jamie Taylor, Marketing & People Officer for UES Consulting Services, explains how PARCEL enables consistent and scope compliant agency work as well as improved efficiency. 

Ensure Compliance with Client Requirements

The environmental consulting industry is shifting from Microsoft® Word® and Excel® at approximately the same time their clients are increasingly requesting more standardized deliverables.  

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now moving in that direction, so it puts us ahead of the curve. We’ve traditionally done a lot of agency work, so that was a big piece for us.” 

“PARCEL easily standardizes the required data and format. The efficiency gain was huge for us.” 

Focus on Higher Value Work

With PARCEL, UES can direct the time and effort of environmental professionals away from non-core tasks, creating new business capacity for scalability and growth. Similarly, time savings for the administrative staff frees them up to help with other work. 

“We can take a lot off our admin team’s plate with PARCEL, including data entry, keying of data and compiling reports. On the environmental side, we can work on Phase IIs and get into the field more. PARCEL helps us relieve people of non-core tasks so they can focus on higher value work.” 

Increased Productivity 

At a time when remote working is the new normal, UES relies on PARCEL to ensure they can collaborate and meet client needs. 

“With PARCEL we don’t have to worry about security and people working remotely. They can be productive even when travelling or during airport downtime. They have the tools to work easily from the field.” 

“We are growing in all areas—and while others in our industry have to turn down business, we don’t have to. We are more efficient, cutting down redundancies and getting more done in less time.” 

In Summary, PARCEL offers: 

  • Client-specific deliverables: Maintain compliance with client requirements and industry standards 
  • Optimal use of employee time: Whether working from home or on the road, PARCEL is securely available from any device, on and offline 
  • Increased productivity: Reduce data transcription, copying and pasting, and non-core report construction tasks