LightBox EDR City Directory Report

The largest collection of historical city directory information ever assembled

Meet the EDR City Directory Report, a super library offering you the best way to find city directory information. Through exclusive agreements with major publishers and mobile research facilities across the country, these reports provide you with unmatched national coverage and speed of access.

Product EDR City Directory Report
  • Access exclusive collections

    Reference the Haines and Stewart directory collections (the only reuse permission in the industry), plus Polk, Bressers and Cole.

  • Expedite turnaround time

    Skip combing through hard copies and utilize billions of digitized records to gather information faster.

  • Gather current and hard-to-find data

    Rely on our 20 expert field researchers around the country who gather trusted but difficult-to-access resources.

Connected Data

Building Footprints

Building footprints are geospatial boundaries that provide the outline of a building drawn along the exterior walls. 

Flood Risks

Data includes, but is not limited to, 100-year and 500-year flood zones. Canadian Flood maps provide flood extents and depths for multiple return periods, covering river, surface and coastal flooding. 

Historical Imagery and Content 

Collection of historical content including Sanborn® Maps, Historical Aerial Photography, Historical City Directories, Historical Topographic Maps, Environmental Liens and AULs, and Historical Title. 

Known Incidents

Incidents identified by regulatory agencies indicating known or suspected environmental releases, contamination, or spills associated with hazardous materials, petroleum, or other products.  

Permitted Facilities

Facilities registered with regulatory agencies for operations such as hazardous waste management, landfills, underground and above ground storage tanks, and other activities associated with potential environmental concern.   

Other Environmental Content

Content valuable for evaluating environmental issues, including historical gas station and dry cleaners, PFAS, water wells, oil and gas wells, radon, wetlands, topography, endangered species, registered historic sites, and more.   

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