HLC PARCEL Success Story

When Harmon Livingston joined engineering/environmental consulting firm HLC Consulting LTD as Partner, he knew the firm would benefit from using PARCEL for faster, easier due diligence and reporting. He’d been using the platform for several years, and knew the positive impact it would have on HLC. HLC Environmental Service Manager, Carolyn Baldwin, was eager to onboard technology that would help streamline her team’s workflows. Both have found PARCEL helps HLC work smarter and faster, and best of all, PARCEL helps HLC outperform their competition.

PARCEL for due diligence, reporting, and analysis

HLC primarily uses PARCEL for property condition assessments (PCA’s), Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESA’s) for lenders and real estate investors. Reports provide clients with information on the condition of buildings and properties, and forecasting for probable costs due to necessary repairs and replacements. For ESA’s, reporting reveals potential risks and contamination. PARCEL helps make this process easier, faster, and more reliable for Livingston and Baldwin’s teams.

“We recently started doing site assessments on PARCEL. There was a bit of a learning curve, but it’s been so easy to work with customer service through the PARCEL portal,” Baldwin says.

Prior to using PARCEL, project stakeholders were using Word documents, but this was time-consuming and produced inconsistent reporting. “I used to use Word docs, but consistency was difficult if you’re trying to use the same template over and over again. Word files can become corrupted and formatting a lot of photos can be a nightmare,” Livingston says. “We no longer have these problems now that we use PARCEL.”

PARCEL’s stored reports help HLC save time, especially during buddy periods. Livingston shares that the firm is doing about 8 PCA’s per month, while Baldwin says Phase 1’s on the ESA side are averaging about 8-12 per month.

Getting Ahead of Competition with PARCEL

One of the major benefits of PARCEL is that it helps Livington and Baldwin’s teams work faster, which translates to serving clients more effectively. Especially now with the uncertainties wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic and tumultuous financial environment, delivering quick results can make a huge impact on a client’s bottom line. Clients need information turned around quickly in order to ensure they are acting accordingly to current benefits and guidelines.

“We have a faster turnaround time using PARCEL, which helps us be competitive,” says Baldwin. “Right now the interest rate has dropped and it helps our clients that we can turn things around quickly so they can take advantage of the low rate. We can do financial due diligence faster than our competitors.”

PARCEL for Faster Workflows and Consistent Reporting

PARCEL allows users to deliver consistency in report layout and branding, a major timesaver for HLC. “The consistency in reporting speeds up our work process,” Livingston shares. “The ability to save our reports using PARCEL saves us a lot of time. It makes it easier for us to keep track of everything.” Livingston

PARCEL saves report formats and company branding, and features several layers of quality control, helping eliminate human error. Past reports saved in PARCEL are easily accessible for reference to help inform current project reports. Project stakeholders therefore do not need to spend a lot of time formatting, reviewing data, or transferring information.

“We have a library of standard boilerplate narratives we use that are unique to the type of property they are used for. All I need to do is click and drag, and the blurb is there. For the most part it’s done, and that saves us a ton of time,” Baldwin says.

Leverage PARCEL to Work Smarter 

PARCEL speeds up due diligence and streamlines project workflows, helping HLC deliver on client needs faster. 

PARCEL delivers tools for due diligence and property analysis, along with consistent, branded reporting. Data and key information is accessible to the entire project team, making collaboration fast and easy so that teams can quickly deliver on what clients need. 

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