A comprehensive collection of current and historical property information including detailed property characteristics, addresses and related geospatial data, as collected from tax records, maps and developer plans.

Property City Render TB
Address Point

Address information for single family home, multi-unit dwellings or large office buildings with multiple secondary units and address information from multiple streets.

Assessment/Tax roll

Official record of property from tax assessor subject to property tax within a given jurisdiction. It lists detailed information about an individual’s property and associated property tax.  

Builder Sites

Active directory of new and planned property locations from the top 300 builders in the US. Information which includes the builder, property type, price range, square footage range, city and zip code.

Historical Sales Transactions

Review historical property sales transactions covering loan and financing data, including historical deeds for your property.

Historical Tax Assessment

Official record of property from tax assessor from previous years.  

Mortgage Loans

Comprehensive mortgage loan data containing loan and lender information, title company, sale price and deed, updated weekly.

Owner and Mailing Address

Property owner and owner related information that are derived from the latest property sales transaction.

Property Characteristics

Official record of property characteristics that is from property tax assessment.

Recorder Deeds

Up-to-date property sales records from the recorder’s office including sale price, deed and title company.

Tax Maps

Special purpose map showing all the real property parcels within a city, town or village. These maps are used to locate parcels and obtain other information required in assessment work.

Additional Data Categories

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