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Find the perfect sites, faster than your competitors. LightBox brings together multiple property databases to allow complex queries. Connected data and powerful GIS tools uncover the candidate sites that fit your business needs.

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Key benefits

Comprehensive Site Information

Search for specifics on parcels, get ownership information, and access comprehensive, map-ready content in order to make the best decisions during your site selection process.

Analyze The Competition

View all active projects being conducted by the top 250 homebuilders in the United States. From average prices to size information, you’ll gain insights into the market.

Identify Land Assemblages

Using our location intelligence platform, you can search for ‘aggregate acreage’, or numerous parcels of connected land that add up to the amount of total acreage your project requires.

Critical Element Comparisons

Practice due diligence by getting a clear and concise picture of a property’s characteristics as a whole, including zoning data, valuation and more.

Stay Productive In The Field

With our mobile LandVision app, you’re able to view nearby properties on the map, as well as associated data – parcel and building footprint boundaries, ownership, tax data, and more.

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