EDR® Environmental Data Packages

Access the industry’s best data and workflow technology

EDR® Environmental Data Packages help environmental professionals perform property due diligence with efficiency and ease.

EDR® Environmental Data Packages

Key Benefits

  • Choose The Right Package For Your Scope Of Work

    Three specialty service packages: Basic, Standard, and EDR® Premium.

  • EDR® Basic Package

    Access the info needed for ASTM E1528 Transaction Screens, RSRAs, and other low-level due diligence on LightBox, making drawing sitemaps and figures faster.

  • EDR® Standard Package

    Use data, content, and technology to review large amounts of information for ASTM E1527 Phase I ESAs and gain access to the VEC app.

  • EDR® Premium Package

    Conduct equity deals, complete portfolio projects, and navigate tight turnaround times for ASTM E1527 Phase I ESAs. Enjoy LightBox, the VEC App, Recovered Government Archives, a City Directory, and historical aerial photos.

EDR® Package Overview

Basic Standard Premium
Data Collection & Analysis
Basic Standard Premium
Reports & Data
Radius Map Report
Certified SANBORN® Maps
Historical Aerials
Historical City Directories Select One
Historical Topographic Maps
Tax Map Report
EDR® Lien & AUL Report
Free Historical Report Reworks
1-3 Day Turnaround (Excludes Lien)

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Review the EDR® packages

With your EDR® Basic, Standard and Premium Packages, you will receive the most trusted government records and historical sources, along with cutting-edge workflow tools. Each EDR® package includes EDR LIGHTBOX® Viewer for data review and analysis.

EDR® Basic Package

Access the data, content, and workflow tools you need to conduct due diligence projects with speed and confidence. EDR® provides the best records review in the industry along with comprehensive historical research options. EDR LIGHTBOX® Viewer makes property analysis and field data collection efficient, effective and fun.

What it’s used for

The Basic Package provides just that, the basic information needed for ASTM E1528 Transaction Screens, RSRAs, and other low-level due diligence. Like all of our packages, it can be experienced through EDR LIGHTBOX® Viewer, which makes reviewing information and drawing site maps and figures faster and more effective.


EDR® Standard Package

Our most popular combination of data, content and workflow for Phase I ESAs. This report is the standard in the industry for completing E1527-21 Phase Is and Phase I updates.

What it’s used for

The Standard Package is our most popular package, relied upon by environmental professionals for thousands of ASTM E1527 Phase I ESAs each year. The data, content and technology provided help EPs meet the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries rule. The Standard Package now includes the VEC App, to help you screen out properties for vapor encroachment risk quickly and effectively.


EDR® Premium Package

Want to take all of the guess work out of compliance with ASTM E1527-21 and EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries Rule? The EDR® Premium Package fits your needs by providing a search for AULs and Environmental Liens. We also provide the additional value of upgraded delivery speed on data and content.

What it’s used for

The EDR® Premium Package is commonly used for ASTM E1527-21 Phase I ESAs, especially those conducted for equity deals, portfolio projects, high-value deals and tight turnaround times.

  • 1-3 day turnaround time on all components except for AUL & Lien Search
  • Free reworks on standard historical sources

Connected Data

Building Footprints

Building footprints are geospatial boundaries that provide the outline of a building drawn along the exterior walls. 

Flood Risks

Data includes, but is not limited to, 100-year and 500-year flood zones. Canadian Flood maps provide flood extents and depths for multiple return periods, covering river, surface and coastal flooding. 

Historical Imagery and Content 

Collection of historical content including SANBORN® Maps, Historical Aerial Photography, Historical City Directories, Historical Topographic Maps, Environmental Liens and AULs, and Historical Title. 

Known Incidents

Incidents identified by regulatory agencies indicating known or suspected environmental releases, contamination, or spills associated with hazardous materials, petroleum, or other products.  

Permitted Facilities

Facilities registered with regulatory agencies for operations such as hazardous waste management, landfills, underground and above ground storage tanks, and other activities associated with potential environmental concern.   

Other Environmental Content

Content valuable for evaluating environmental issues, including historical gas station and dry cleaners, PFAS, water wells, oil and gas wells, radon, wetlands, topography, endangered species, registered historic sites, and more.   

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