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Reach the right buyers and close more deals with broker solutions from LightBox. Analyze properties, maintain your database, reach more qualified buyers, and streamline the entire investment sales process.

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  • Ease and efficiency
    • Intelligent buyer/seller matching
    • Streamlined property searches
    • Data-rich transaction insights
    • Virtual deal rooms for securely sharing underwriting & due diligence
    • End-to-end listing insights to optimize performance
    • Transparency & collaboration between brokerage teams
  • Solutions that matter
    • Leading Real Estate CRM
    • Targeted buyer database for every asset type
    • Debt Capital Markets
    • Deal Center
    • Campaign management tools
    • Custom email & website marketing
    • Access to an active pool of participatory investors

Why choose LightBox?

Three simple words that empower decision makers by delivering the most authoritative data, integrated workflows & unmatched industry connections.


The most comprehensive set of property characteristics, tax parcels & building footprints, and spatial & environmental data.


A deeper understanding of all facets of the data along with location intelligence & a simplified workflow to help you move forward.


Know that you have the most comprehensive data set & most detailed analytics so you can act on decisions with the highest degree of confidence.



The all-in-one CRM platform built to optimize and automate processes for commercial real estate (CRE) professionals

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  • Build relationships through efficient contact management
  • Create your own property universe
  • manage and monitor your pipeline
  • Track sale and lease comps
  • Go mobile
  • Leverage and outsource CRM support

LightBox Vision℠ (LandVision℠)

Comprehensive mapping software, analysis and management for industries including commercial real estate and government sectors.

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  • Find new investment properties
  • Analyze market potential
  • Gather comprehensive ownership data
  • Visualize your assets and service territories with ease
  • Generate images and reports with a single click

RCM Deal Center

Streamline the process of buying commercial real estate with tools that enable you to analyze and match with properties based on your unique buying criteria.

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  • Analyze deals with unbiased research
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Visualize sites with interactive maps
  • Uncover ownership and transaction history
  • Generate comprehensive reports

RCM Marketplace

Discover and view comprehensive details of commercial real estate properties on an up-to-date and easy-to-use search platform.

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  • Easily search and view details for CRE listings
  • Filter properties by state, city, asset or investment type
  • Find listings that match your investment criteria


A trusted CRE solution that increases the speed, exposure, and security of CRE sales through a streamlined online platform.

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  • Target qualified buyers
  • Access the industry’s premiere marketing toolkit
  • Streamline the process of buying commercial real estate
  • Easily search and view CRE listings

LightBox RCM

With LightBox RCM, you get a single, integrated platform to improve your commercial real estate listing’s exposure and execution. One turnkey marketing solution that allows you to create your executive summary landing page, ensure your emails reach the right commercial real estate buyers, execute confidentiality agreements, share documents securely, manage offers, and access real-time reporting throughout the entire process

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Connected Data

Address Point

Address information for single family home, multi-unit dwellings or large office buildings with multiple secondary units and address information from multiple streets.

Owner and Mailing Address

Property owner and owner related information that are derived from the latest property sales transaction.

Neighborhood Boundaries

Neighborhood Boundaries give context to local geographies. This data set includes airport and golf course boundaries as well as demographic, crime and income statistics and point of interest locations. 

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