Comprehensive loan origination at your fingertips.

Vendor management, procurement, risk assessment, and compliance have never been easier. Our leading-edge technology solutions are designed specifically for the management of loan underwriting and due diligence process.

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    LightBox Lender platforms enhance vendor communication, enabling you to generate RFPs more easily, connect with loan origination systems seamlessly, and manage all vendors in one place.

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    Whether you choose Collateral360® or RIMS®, each system is designed to automate workflows, data collection, simplify bidding, reduce training and personnel costs, and streamline fragmented processes.

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    LightBox Lender solutions are designed to meet the separation of lending and appraisal functions, and ease
    the preparation of regulatory audits with change logs and detailed reporting.

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    As a company, LightBox continues to invest resources to ensure all platforms meet the highest security information standards.

Why choose LightBox?

Three simple words that empower decision makers by delivering the most authoritative data, integrated workflows & unmatched industry connections.


The most comprehensive set of property characteristics, tax parcels & building footprints, and spatial & environmental data.


A deeper understanding of all facets of the data along with location intelligence & a simplified workflow to help you move forward.


Know that you have the most comprehensive data set & most detailed analytics so you can act on decisions with the highest degree of confidence.



Manage all your property due diligence from a single dashboard—from appraisal procurement and environmental reports to flood certificates, tax monitoring and more.

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  • Streamline your workflow
  • Easily manage compliance and regulatory and risk
  • Meets FIRREA and other requirements
  • Integrated third-party reports
  • Trusted, comprehensive environmental data

EDR® Environmental Risk Screen

Manage risk with the most thorough and comprehensive database of environmental records in the nation.

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  • Identify potential issues early
  • Access the Environmental Risk Rating (ERR) to evaluate and provide official documentation for your loan file
  • Manage small balance loans


The technology platform supporting real estate lending due diligence workflows for appraisal, valuation, environmental, construction, and flood services.

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  • Configured & streamlined workflow
  • Regulated risk & compliance
  • Reputable catalog partners
  • Residential lending automation

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