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Work smarter, not harder with LightBox for lending

Imagine a single, configurable platform that can reduce lending process timelines, provide advanced business intelligence and simplify regulatory compliance. Good news: you don’t have to imagine it. LightBox helps lenders like you optimize your workflows and operational efficiencies for better day-to-day and end results.

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Key Benefits

Accelerate Loan Approvals

Manage all aspects of due diligence in one secure SaaS environment. Plus, connect the core systems, processes and people associated with property due diligence.

Control Lending Risk

Keep close to property-related risk as part of the underwriting process (and over the loan life) through accurate data access, risk analysis and reviews.

Meet Compliance With Ease

Infuse and incorporate lending policies into your workflow to ensure each transaction meets credit, risk, and regulatory standards. LightBox is here to help you comply with FIRREA, vendor management and information security protocols.

Turn Data Into Action

Elevate your business intelligence by capturing data during the lending process to build powerful insights around all aspects of your CRE operations. With our robust reporting, you can gain data metrics to measure staff and appraiser performance—right down to bank metrics on where you’re lending the most and what property types.

Reliable Vendor Management

Document and manage vendors to cover any aspect of loan due diligence and procurement, such as broker price opinions, site inspections, exterior and interior inspections, commercial evaluations, flood certificates and many more.

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