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Collateral360® – Real Estate from Every Angle

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September 11, 2015 2 mins

Earlier this week we launched Collateral360®, the next evolution of the Lender Portal Platform. In addition to its new name, the release of Collateral360® includes an enhanced user interface, expanded reporting capabilities, new appraisal review capabilities, and other features.

Used by over 850 lending institutions as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, Collateral360® allows real estate lenders such as banks, credit unions and others to improve the efficiency of their workflow, manage risk, and access data to make important lending and business decisions—all within a secure environment. The platform makes it easy to manage vendors and procure services such as appraisals, evaluations, flood certificates, and other property specific data. Its Policy Infused Technology allows institutions to build their policies into the workflow to administer compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policy.

“We are excited to announce the release of Collateral360®, a more powerful version of our Lender Portal,” said Guy Tassinari, managing director of LightBox EDR®’s Lender Solutions Group. “Our vision is to provide a property centric platform that offers lenders a complete view of their real estate assets for property due diligence during origination or for monitoring collateral during the life of the loan term. We feel Collateral360® better articulates our vision to provide a single hub for all property information—in essence, real estate from every angle.”

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