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Here’s What You Need to Know About the New ASTM E1527 Standard

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June 16, 2020 2 mins

A new version of the 2013 ASTM E1527 standard is expected to be published in 2021, and there are some critical points to know so you can stay on top of the standard. First published by ASTM in 1993, the first standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) was periodically revised in 1994, 1997, 2000, 2005, and 2013. Currently, ASTM’s dedicated Phase I ESA task group, consisting of more than 200 property due diligence consultants, commercial real estate lenders, attorneys, data providers, and others, is in the final stages of updating the standard for publication next year.

To help educate environmental professionals, investors, and lenders who rely on the ASTM standard practice about the updates, we reached out to Elizabeth Krol, PG, EP, National Client Manager, Partner Engineering & Science, Inc. Krol is leading the ASTM E1527 technical work group dedicated to strengthening historic sources in the Phase I ESA standard practice. In our Q&A, she answers questions about what we can expect to see in the seventh version of the ASTM E1527 Phase I ESA standard and walks us through the proposed revisions. She also updates us on how the Task Group is addressing the latest concerns about PFAS, the new language on historical research, and other things consultants should be aware of in advance of E1527-21. Krol then breaks down what needs to happen next for the task group to submit the final version to the U.S. EPA in January 2021 for final approval and publication by December 2021.

For the latest information about the new ASTM E1527 Standard, read our Q&A with Krol on the LightBox blog here.

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