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How To Write Email Subject Lines That Get Attention

July 15, 2021 3 mins

Think about how you react when you receive a new email. Before you even consider opening it, you read the subject line to determine if it’s something you may be interested in. In the commercial real estate industry, we receive emails constantly throughout the day, and many of them are never opened. To make sure your emails actually get opened, you’ll need to ensure you create subject lines that intrigue the recipient to open it. The content within your email is only as good as your subject line. Here are five tips for how to write email subject lines that get attention.

Short and Simple

Minimalism is your best friend when it comes to email subject lines. You have to be clear and concise. MailChimp conducted an email subject line study that proved short, but descriptive subject lines are opened more than long subject lines. The succinct approach to email subject lines will increase your open rates. Don’t waste anyone’s time – keep it short, simple, and get to the point.

Numbers and Lists

Incorporate numbers into your subject line to attract attention. Our brains are naturally drawn to numbers and digits, which is why top-10 lists are so successful. These digits spark curiosity and stand out among other emails within your inbox. Your end goal is to make your subject line visually stand out. A great way to achieve that is to utilize numbers.

Fear of Missing Out

If you are sending out an email about announcing a new lease that was just signed in a hot area, utilize people’s natural fear of missing out. Email subject lines that threaten scarcity or missing out, perform well because people have a natural concern about missing out on opportunities. Your click rates will drastically change when you utilize the scare tactic in your email subject line.

Make It Funny

Make your subject lines humorous to become more relatable and to grab even the busiest person’s attention. People will often take the five or ten seconds to open an email if they think it will give them information they need along with a few laughs. If you know your audience well, you can leverage humor to increase your open rates. Sometimes all people need is a good laugh during the day – and your subject line could do just that.

Personalize It

Think about how many emails you receive where you just skim the subject line and either delete it or leave it in your inbox. The more personalized your email subject line is, the more likely it will be opened. Don’t just personalize it by incorporating their name, try location-specific details and commercial real estate language to target specific people. It’s good to understand your audience well enough to know the language, style and information they are looking for and that will attract them to open your email. Remember – your email content is only as good as your subject line. It doesn’t matter how amazing and useful the information within your email is, if no one opens it.

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