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Lightbox Enhances Industry Leading Location Intelligence Datasets with BuildingFootPrintUSA® Acquisition

February 1, 2021 2 mins

LightBox announced today that it has acquired the leading premier provider of building and structure boundaries for location analytics, BuildingFootPrintUSA®, immediately making building footprints data available to all of its customers. 

Now that LightBox is connected to BuildingFootPrintUSA®, the industry has its only fully-integrated parcel, building structure, and property attribute datasets for comprehensive location intelligence. The datasets encompass commercial real estate, routing & logistics, telecommunications, insurance markets, and the broader geospatial ecosystems.

“This acquisition demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation that serves the commercial real estate ecosystem. We’re looking to replace existing information silos with industry standard linked datasets. Our parcels and property data will now be integrated with rooftop-level geocodes, addresses, and boundaries,” said LightBox CEO, Eric Frank. “We strongly believe the future is one of connected datasets and we want to drive this change for the commercial real estate industry in the US and Canada.”

“Joining LightBox gives us an exciting opportunity to grow and deliver our data and solutions to a broader segment of the commercial real estate market in the US and Canada,” said Karl Urich, founder and president of BuildingFootPrintUSA®. “By combining our datasets with those of LightBox, we will be able to offer the most accurate boundary, address, and geocoding dataset available.”    

Founded in 2016 in Albany, NY, BuildingFootPrintUSA® provides highly precise location data to facilitate accurate site selection, routing, spatial analysis, and data visualization for customers in commercial real estate, telecommunications, insurance, and mapping solutions. Customers leverage building geometry, height, and ground elevation data to assist in determining potential flood risks, expanding broadband connectivity, policy planning for safety and security, and broader geospatial analytics. 

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