Environmental Due Diligence

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LightBox helps California Forever accomplish analysis for large-scale planning project with diverse datasets

April 2, 2024 3 mins

“I’d recommend LightBox for any project that demands accuracy, versatility, and efficiency. They played a pivotal role in the success of California Forever, and I have no doubt they will continue to be an indispensable asset for others in the field.”

– Stephen Fallon, Senior Engineer at ENGEO Inc.

Tell us a little about your role and the California Forever project.

The California Forever project is a voter initiative to develop a new community for Solano residents.

I am the lead environmental and hazmat consultant on the project. I’m responsible for collecting, organizing, and digesting the available environmental information for the project so that an environmental constraints map can be generated. The map informs several design tasks, budgeting efforts, due diligence work, and helps in many other ways. More broadly, ENGEO is supporting the project from a GIS, environmental, geotechnical, water resources, and project coordination standpoint.

What specific solutions did LightBox provide that impacted the overall success of the project?

LightBox datasets proved to be an invaluable asset that significantly contributed to the success of our undertaking in the California Forever project. We navigated through various challenges, including environmental constraints and the need for diverse datasets. One of the standout features of LightBox was its versatility in handling demographic data and seamlessly integrating it with building data, elevating our project beyond the standard requirements. The ability to build out a topographic map and an area map directly on the LightBox platform was a game-changer, offering a comprehensive visual representation that greatly enhanced our planning and decision-making processes.

What were the unique challenges you faced and how did LightBox provide assistance?

In counties with extensive open space, where traditional data sources often fell short, LightBox’s reviewed data became our go-to solution, efficiently filling the gaps that would otherwise require time-consuming records requests or county records searches. The layering system within LightBox allowed us to toggle various elements, such as storage tanks, providing a level of detail and customization that was crucial for our project’s success.

Leveraging LightBox’s data proved to be a strategic move, especially during crunch time. The multitude of layers available enabled us to cater to the specific needs of planning professionals swiftly, ensuring we could meet tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of our work. The ability to turn layers on and off effortlessly streamlined our workflow, resulting in a significant positive impact on our public relations efforts as we shared our findings.

What was the overall impact of utilizing LightBox Data in your daily endeavors?

Undoubtedly, LightBox saved us an incredible amount of time. Given the massive scale of our project, being able to access diverse and accurate data from a single platform was a godsend. Speaking of accuracy, we were determined not to overlook any crucial details. LightBox not only met but exceeded our expectations in this regard. The verified data provided a level of confidence that would have been challenging to achieve through a traditional due diligence process. The cost-benefit analysis was crystal clear – the investment in LightBox not only made financial sense but also translated into a more efficient and successful project. Our project, thanks to LightBox, stands as a robust and comprehensive example of what can be achieved with the right tools.

Learn more about EDR and LightBox’s dataset, SmartFabric, on our website. For an in-person look at the industry’s timeliest topics, including environmental risk in today’s volatile CRE market, register to attend LightBox’s PRISM conference.   

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