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Michelle Pearson shares why the city of Pismo Beach relies on the LightBox platform to access the location data they need to perform their operations

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May 12, 2023 2 mins

“The LightBox data platform cut my time in half. It went from taking me 40+ hours over two weeks to do inspections to about 20 hours.”

– Michelle Pearson, Administrative Assistant, CAL FIRE/Pismo Beach Fire Department

Saved time with streamlined workflows.

Pearson primarily uses LandVision to access property owner portfolios, which are essential for property inspections. LandVision allows her to easily create and export contact lists by simply clicking on a parcel, reducing the time it takes her to identify property owners. Now she can quickly notify owners when properties require work.

Accessed continually updated data for complete reliability.

Prior to adopting the LightBox platform, the City of Pismo Beach was using a program that saddled her with outdated and inaccurate information.

“LightBox data is continually updated, and this makes a huge difference to me,” Pearson explains. “Our planning department sends out public meeting notices, and they come to me 4-5 times per year to do this for them because it’s easier for me to do using the LightBox platform. I can do a 300-ft public meeting mailing in minutes.”

Benefited from a user-friendly interface.

Pearson appreciates that the LightBox platform is so easy to use. Although LightBox offers product training and webinars, she has not needed them because she found it easy to train herself to use the platform.

“I can easily upload shapefiles, size them, and show them on the map in just a couple of clicks,” Pearson says. “I didn’t find other programs that are as easy to use!”

The LightBox platform’s automation capabilities and complete, accurate property data help the City of Pismo Beach operate more efficiently. They save valuable time, streamline access to ownership information and other critical location data, quickly access up-to-date information to ensure complete accuracy, and easily find the information they need when needed. All in an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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