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CRM webinar for commercial real estate professionals

Michael Griffin
December 9, 2021 4 mins

Our commercial real estate CRM can help you build better relationships, so you can make more money. On December 8, 2021, ClientLook® Founder, Michael Griffin, presented this webinar to show you how you can reach your goals faster with the help of our commercial real estate CRM software. Learn how LightBox ClientLook® can help you end 2021 on a high note – and set you up for even more success next year. If you want to hit the ground running in 2022, you can watch a replay of this exciting presentation below.

Why LightBox ClientLook®?

You may be wondering what’s so special about ClientLook®. We are the commercial real estate industry’s most actively used CRM, with a long list of features that can take your business to the next level. We’re proud to have a 99% renewal rate year after year. Here’s a look at how we can help you transform your CRE business:

Contact management

The foundation of everything you’ll do in ClientLook® is our contact management system. Here, you’ll build a database of prospects, clients, and even personal contacts. When you first sign up for ClientLook®, you can easily import your data so you can be up and running quickly (often the same day that you sign up!). Your subscription includes access to our dedicated team of back office assistants – known internally as the Virtual Assistant team. They can help you with all of the “busy work” needed to keep your CRM up to date, like adding new contacts. Our VA team can do anything that you can do in ClientLook®, and they are here to work for you as an extension of your team.

Activity management

Activity Management is all about maximizing your productivity. With ClientLook® you can accomplish more since you’ll be better organized – and you’ll be impressed by how easy it is! Your task list is a great place to start the day. You may have scheduled these tasks yesterday, or even scheduled a task to follow up with a prospect from several months ago. ClientLook® also organizes events, which have certain dates and times. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything, head over to the “Scoop” tab. This live activity feed combines everything that happens in your ClientLook® account into one feed, so you can instantly see everything you’ve done as well as your team members. This enhances your ability to follow up, communicate, and stay informed.

Property tracking

You can use ClientLook® to create a database of properties that are important to you so you can become an expert on those properties. You can track every piece of information about that property, easily within ClientLook®. Last year ClientLook® subscribers added more than 735,000 properties to their accounts. If it wasn’t easy, they wouldn’t do it! You can manually add properties or rely on our back office assistant team to assist you as well. Include building attributes, floor plans, and even your personal notes. Access your property data while you’re in the field with our mobile app. With the mobile app you can access property data in the palm of your hand, or update information on the fly.

Listing management

ClientLook® offers an easy way for you to track listings, company wide. You’ll know when listings expire, how many industrial versus office listings there are, and which brokers are responsible for which listings. Rest assured that nothing you input into ClientLook® is viewable to any other company or third property – this is your private database. With the click of a button you can turn a listing into a comp – no redundant data entry required!

Transaction management

A deal in ClientLook® is like an electronic file cabinet that tracks everything you do for that deal. It also tracks your pipeline so you know when deals are closing. See activity, what task is due next, every email that you have sent or received related to a specific deal, and much more! You can connect almost anything to a deal, such as contacts and properties. The “people” tab of each deal lets you quickly view all of the people who are involved in each deal. You can also designate outside collaborators – outside people you allow to log into this deal, for free, so they can self-serve their need for information. This is a perfect way to impress your clients.

Email marketing

ClientLook® integrates with Mailchimp to give you one of the most powerful and intuitive email marketing platforms out there! Connect Mailchimp to ClientLook® and you can sync your email list in real time. Designate your ClientLook® groups as email recipients so the list is always up to date without any duplicate data entry. Within the Marketing tab in ClientLook®, you can view all of your email marketing campaign statistics. See how many emails were opened, how many bounced, and who interacted/clicked on links within your emails. Everything is easily accessible and updated in real time!

ClientLook®’s future

As you may know, ClientLook® was acquired in 2019 by LightBox, which was thrilling for us! LightBox is a private equity backed company that has acquired some of the industry’s top brands. Their goal is to create a consolidated technology platform that’s designed to streamline every aspect of the CRE transaction process. ClientLook® will be completely redesigned and will serve as the CRM hub of their new platform. Plus, the new platform will also include capabilities from some of the other amazing LightBox brands, such as Digital Map Products and RCM®/Real Capital Markets®.

Next steps

If you’re already using ClientLook®, simply login to your account to try out some of the features that you may have discovered today. If you’re not a current subscriber, contact our sales team to schedule a demo to see ClientLook® in action at your own pace. Our team can show you real world examples of how you can utilize our CRM to get organized, boost your productivity, and impress your clients.

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