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David Bolt of Lee & Associates shares experience with LightBox ClientLook CRM

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November 9, 2015 4 mins

David Bolt is a Senior Vice President and Principal at Lee & Associates in Newport Beach, California. He started his career in commercial real estate in 1993 and specializes in leasing and selling Industrial and Office properties in Orange County. David was gracious enough to tell us about his experience with ClientLook CRM. Learn how he uses our commercial real estate software in his day to day business operations:

Can you tell me a little bit about your business? What do you specialize in and what does your day to day schedule look like?

I specialize in selling and leasing industrial and office properties in South Orange County and near the John Wayne Airport area in Southern California. My schedule varies from day to day and includes a mix of client meetings, property tours, writing proposals, returning phone calls, and prospecting.

How has your experience been with ClientLook CRM?

I started using ClientLook approximately two years ago, and my experience since then has been excellent. Prior to ClientLook, I researched several different CRM’s and ClientLook was definitely the best fit for me. I like that it’s web-based, so there’s no need to update your software, all changes are made instantly, and the new features that ClientLook rolls out are up and running smoothly with no effort required on my end.

Why did you choose ClientLook?

ClientLook is very easy to use and it does everything that I need from a CRM to successfully run my commercial real estate business. ClientLook is simple and easy to learn so you can implement it into your business immediately. I like that ClientLook was built specifically for commercial real estate professionals, so all of the features are made to align perfectly with my business.

How easy was it to get your data converted into ClientLook?

It was very easy. The ClientLook team handled importing everything into the system and took care of every detail. I know that a lot of brokers are concerned about transferring their data, or losing data in the process, but ClientLook made the entire process incredibly smooth and simple.

What problems does ClientLook solve for you? 

ClientLook has helped me be more consistent with follow up activities and tasks, and provides me with a reminder to stay on top of clients that I want to follow up with. It has also helped to simplify all of my data since I can easily access all of the contacts for a specific company in one location. ClientLook has also helped me manage my pipeline and day to day activities much better than I was previously.

What CRM solution were you using previously?

I started using REA in 1993, then later switched to ACT, and then went back to REA. Since neither of those systems were working well for me, I decided to start researching other CRM’s and that’s when I found ClientLook.

What is your favorite ClientLook feature?

Hands down, the Virtual Assistant is my favorite feature. It’s truly a game changer! With the VA, I don’t have to spend time doing data entry since they take care of it. I love that I can leave a meeting, take a photo of a business card, and send it directly to the Virtual Assistant to be added to my contacts. I can also have the VA schedule a follow up with a contact while it’s fresh in my mind.

How does ClientLook help you with marketing?

I frequently use the integration that ClientLook has with MailChimp. I send out email newsletters and it’s valuable to be able to track who opened the emails and who clicked on the links, so I can follow up with those people who I can see are interested.

Another organizational feature that I use constantly is the BCC email feature. When I send an email out, I BCC my ClientLook email address so a copy of each email is automatically saved with the appropriate contact, along with any attachments that were in the email. Everything stays together so I don’t have to waste time searching for emails and documents.

How does ClientLook help you win business?

The client collaboration feature is unique and really stands out to my clients. During a recent listing presentation, I mentioned this feature during my presentation. The clients were so impressed that I won the listing. Clients want up-to-date information, and with ClientLook they have access to everything in real-time.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a CRM?

A web-based platform is the way to go so you can access it anytime, anywhere. The days of having to go into the office, or being tied to a computer, are gone since you can now access your email, contacts, and deal information directly from your phone. Customer service and training are also quite important. Find a team that is willing to answer your questions and offers great support. Usually, when you have a question, you want to get an immediate answer, so responsiveness is a big benefit. I recommend ClientLook CRM to everyone in my office. It’s simple, easy, and convenient. In my opinion, it’s the best CRM our there for commercial real estate professionals.

How would you describe your overall experience with the ClientLook team?

The ClientLook team is great! Everyone has been very helpful. I saw Michael Griffin give a demo presentation that was great, and then John Dawson got me onboard. Since then, the team has been great at showing me some of the best practices and keeping me accountable. I have ongoing training sessions with the success team and they are extremely helpful. When I have a question; they walk me through everything, show me new features, and truly motive me. I couldn’t ask for better support!

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