LightBox Investor Sentiment Report
Helping You Stay Ahead of the Curve

Fall 2022

LightBox Investor Sentiment Report
Helping You Stay Ahead of the Curve

By LightBox Insights

Our bi-annual Investor Sentiment Reports help you get the pulse on the latest investment trends through surveys and interviews with industry professionals, as well as LightBox data and analytics.

This Fall 2022 report was created amidst rising interest rates, ongoing supply chain disruption, labor shortages and the threat of a recession all adversely impacting investor sentiment. It’s a sharp contrast to the optimistic forecasts voiced at the beginning of 2022, when many industry experts expressed confidence in a strong growth trajectory.

Key Findings of the Fall 2022 LightBox Investor Sentiment Report

  • Nearly 70% of survey respondents reported being concerned or bearish about their outlook of the CRE market for the remainder of 2022, but that decreased to 58% for 2023.
  • 80% of survey respondents expressed that recent market changes have impacted hiring plans.
  • Industrial demand is outpacing supply with multi-story industrial buildings and robotics the wave of the future.
  • Office vacancies remain a concern, but tech firms show positive momentum with addition of high-amenity campuses markets around the country.

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 As complex economic issues continue to impact capital markets activity, investors are searching for investment bright spots in murky economic conditions. Market fundamentals still support a broad range of investment activity, but the more immediate question is how long any market downturn will last. 

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