Investor Sentiment Report

Q1 2022

By Tina Lichens

LightBox is deeply committed to our clients’ success.

That’s why we research, create and distribute quarterly Sentiment Reports. Most of the research in this report is based on internal LightBox analytics along with regular surveys and interviews with industry professionals to help us determine trends in the current real estate market.

The survey was conducted when optimism about the market was beginning to be impacted by the rapid spread of omicron and the rise in inflation. This served to temper a very bullish sentiment as 2022 began, but the vast majority of survey respondents expect increases in investment activity this year.

Key Findings of the 2022 RCM® LightBox Investor Sentiment Report

  • Inflation, construction costs and rising interest rates are the biggest threats and are causing investors to revise profit expectations
  • Multifamily and industrial assets ranked as top choices, with retail as the least favored
  • The office sector continues to struggle with vacancy; suburban assets are preferred
  • Population growth and household formation are top drivers of investment hot spots
  • 72% of respondents expect commercial property investment to exceed 2021 levels

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 Today’s capital markets climate may be one of the most dynamic and intricate we’ve seen in many years. Investors are navigating a complex environment with significant opportunities as well as economic headwinds that are dictating a more nuanced approach. We expect to see subtle shifts in investment approaches and strategies as a result. 

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