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How Land Acquisition Teams Find Assemblages

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June 12, 2017 2 mins

Looking for aggregated parcels? It’s common for builders and developers to look for aggregated properties owned by the same owner. Why? Because it can unleash opportunities that may have been passed over previously.

To start the search, developers typically have site criteria in mind such as the size of the site necessary for development along with other factors such as current land use, zoning code, and more. When researching sites that meet the minimum size criteria, this search is performed for single sites. This is a great start as it allows a land acquisition manager to perform an initial sweep of properties matching the criteria.

aggregated parcel
Figure 1: The single site selected above is 0.17 acres whereas the aggregated parcels owned totals 3.56 acres

In a tight market, however, it’s important to be creative and uncover additional opportunities that not everyone sees right away. This is where searching for assemblages comes into play. In LandVision™, you can take the same minimum size requirement and search using the aggregate acreage search which not only provides the single lots matching your criteria but also ones that aggregate together and match your criteria. On the backend, LandVision™ then has a proprietary method to identify properties adjacent to one another and owned by the same owner.


Whether you build homes, commercial real estate, multifamily, senior living, storage, or another type of real estate, you’ll find sites faster and easier through our aggregate acreage search.

If you’d like to learn more about how location technology and parcel maps can help your business make great decisions with data to support property research, analysis, & planning, request a free market analysis.

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