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LightBox 2021 Q2 Sentiment Report: Hospitality & Retail

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July 24, 2021 < 1 mins

LightBox creates and distributes Sentiment Reports as part of our deep commitment to our clients’ success. The research presented in this report is based on our own internal analytics, as well as regular surveys and interviews with industry professionals to understand trends in the current real estate market.

Key Findings Include:

  • Retail: Bricks and mortar retail is expected to grow in 2021, omnichannel retail is the way of the future, and the retail investor profile has shifted.
  • Hotel: Resort and leisure travel is back, sales are expected to spike significantly in the second half of 2021, and hotel distress statistics are potentially misleading.
  • Distressed assets: Distress is occurring in hotel and retail properties, however it is not at the level or intensity that originally was expected

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