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Pivotal Analytics chose LightBox to help them accurately locate their claims data to ensure the best locations for healthcare facilities

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March 10, 2023 3 mins

Pivotal Analytics is a healthcare business intelligence start-up with a mission to “Improve access to care, one investment at a time”. They have set out to create the nation’s richest patient-to-provider dataset, leveraging unique insights and predictive models to answer who and what should go where. This results in the most accurate real-world representation of healthcare supply and demand to help precisely and quickly develop health care investment strategies and identify real estate opportunities.

LightBox spoke with Rob Haberstroh, Head of Data Strategy, Carl Davis, CEO and Co-Founder, and Mecal McDade, COO & Chief Product Officer, about why they partnered with LightBox to make their vision a reality.

What are the challenges Pivotal Analytics faces in delivering on your promise?

“We wanted a platform that would allow us to holistically map all locations — not only buildings but the parcels where they’re sitting.”

The team responded that, as a startup company, finding a data partner to provide the necessary data and tools and then working closely with them was essential. The fundamental need was to accurately match Pivotal’s claims data to LightBox’s comprehensive property layer to produce a view of the claims data aligned to location.

Why did you eventually choose to work with LightBox?

“We had several options lined up, but we really liked how the LightBox platform had everything structured so that all of the key data points we were looking for were right where we needed them.”

“LightBox was the only option that was not only able but also willing to sit down with us to summarize our claims data and match it with their property and parcel data. This was critical for us. The association with LightBox felt like a partnership from the beginning.”

“Our healthcare system is in trouble. We believe that creating a human-centric healthcare delivery requires aligning delivery of first-rate healthcare with the people who need it. Pivotal was built to deliver on that, and LightBox had the data, tools, and approach that fit what we’re set up to accomplish.” 

Which LightBox products are you using and why?

Pivotal employs SmartFabric as the foundational property layer, then adds healthcare claims data by running the claims addresses through LightBox Geocoding API. This gives Pivotal a granular view of the property as an investment. Their customer support teams also triage the data using LandVision to support individual customers’ needs.

“SmartFabric is helping us meet our customer needs. Now we can parse and layer data points, match it up with our claims data, run it through LightBox’s API Geocoding, and everything integrates — addresses from claims data, parcel and property data, and more. And it’s all seamless.”

“SmartFabric allows us to parse out and layer data to have a complete, accurate picture of the property and its demographics. Matching that with our claims data allows us to make the best possible recommendations to our clients.”

“The bottom line is the value of working closely with the LightBox team. Your willingness to continuously work with us to increase accuracy regarding healthcare site optimization is why we chose to work with LightBox.”

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