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Jul 12, 2022 3 mins

The comprehensive platform offers access to the most authoritative property data and introduces the LightBox ID model

Irvine, California, July 12, 2022— LightBox, a leading information and technology platform for commercial real estate and location-based intelligence, announced the launch of the LightBox Data Platform. The platform serves as the most complete, connected data solution in the market bringing together third-party, public and customer data with LightBox proprietary content in a consistent data model for straightforward onboarding and integration. Clients can now use the newly launched Developer Portal to discover and connect to the full breadth and depth of LightBox data using a unified API and the LightBox ID, a permanent identifier that creates powerful connections to LightBox’s information model and allows users to easily identify relationships across LightBox’s property graph.

LightBox’s expanding suite of APIs, data solutions and professional service offerings provide companies the flexibility to determine what solutions scale best to enable businesses and industries to make strategically sound decisions in broadband modeling, site selection, property research, portfolio management, risk analysis and more.

LightBox SmartFabric will serve as the foundational dataset for the platform. SmartFabric brings together geospatial and non-geospatial datasets in a proprietary connected model. It provides customers with the insights and relationships across LightBox’s core parcel, building footprints, addressing, property characteristics, transactions, and other datasets for a complete view of a property.

“The LightBox Data Platform builds on our strong data management capabilities and demonstrates the openness and connectivity we need to develop as an industry,” said Eric Frank, Chief Executive Officer at LightBox. “The demand for data remains unabated, clients continue to look for a competitive edge through data, and we are innovating to meet the demand. Our new APIs coupled with LightBox’s identifier and geocoder provides customers with the connected data solution that they are looking for.”

“The real estate industry’s desire to access and append more data has been growing at an exponential rate. Data management is a difficult process in the era of big data and a one size approach does not fit all,” said Adam Cardarelli, Vice President of Product Management at LightBox. “Users need the technological components to access and manage data according to their own specifications. The LightBox Data Platform will consistently deliver a diverse body of APIs and data in a usable fashion. It will meet the needs of everybody in the industry—buyers, sellers, lenders, appraisers, environmental professionals, and more—who can scale it according to need.”

LightBox’s APIs are now available through the LightBox Developer Portal allowing users to explore the catalog, discover new solutions, access sample code, and connect with other LightBox users in forums to gain input and insight about their business challenges. Developers will be able to discover LightBox APIs and LightBox data, with enough documentation and samples to put the system to immediate use however they require. The portal features over 75 endpoints with more being continuously added.

About LightBox

LightBox is a leading commercial real estate information and technology platform. Through operational excellence and a passion for innovation, LightBox facilitates transparency, efficiency, insight, and prediction for real estate investment and location analytics. LightBox customers include commercial and government

agencies requiring definitive real estate data and powerful workflow solutions, including brokers, developers, investors, lenders, insurers, technology providers, environmental consultants, and valuation professionals. LightBox is backed by Silver Lake and Battery Ventures.


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