Broadband Solutions and Recent Insights: What We’ve Learned This Year

It’s been several months since states started building their broadband maps, with or without federal government data.

Join us as our panel of broadband experts will shed light on how states can achieve flexibility in creating their own definitions of Broadband Serviceable locations, including the ability to overlay other layers such as demographic information, a multitude of boundaries, speed data, ISP service areas and customer data sets.

Learn how to obtain an address level view of all known commercial and residential locations, as well as hospitals, schools public safety, etc.

In this live webinar, we’ll show how to develop solutions that give states a clear building-level view of exactly where broadband is available, and where it is not.

Moderator: Sherrie Clevenger, Vice President of Product Management, LightBox


Bill Price, Vice President of Government Solutions, LightBox

Paul Nesenson, Staff Director – Revenue Requirements, JSI

Eric McRae, Director, Information Technology Outreach Services

Event Type:

On Demand


September 20, 2022