ClientLook Product Upgrade: Property Listing Management

Discover the latest new features within the ClientLook CRM – our latest upgrade enhances your deal tracking and listing management. Also includes an overview of contact management and transaction management for prospecting, marketing and tracking capabilities, as well as how to leverage the property integration tool with LightBox API. 

Listing and Deal Management Enhancements:

  • Customized Notes: Easily add and manage custom notes to your property records. Keep a comprehensive record of all your marketing activities.
  • Advanced Deal Tracking: Add different types of deals to efficiently track and monitor your deals and listings.
  • Streamlined Email Integration: Seamlessly connect incoming and outgoing emails to your deals.
  • Smooth Transition: All existing and current listings will be automatically converted into the new deal format.

These enhancements are designed to provide you with more flexibility, efficiency, and a unified platform for managing your listings and deals in the commercial real estate industry.

Event Type:

On Demand


December 5, 2023