PFAS Due Diligence: Higher Risk Property Types Part 2 – Landfills

Our PFAS environmental due diligence series on higher-risk property types continues with examining landfills. With thousands of active sites and even more historical landfills near population centers, what is known about the impact of PFAS at or around these properties?  

In this on-demand webinar an experienced team of speakers share their knowledge and experience, including:

  • Municipal solid waste landfills have been regulated for decades; what do government agencies know and not know about PFAS at landfills? 
  • What are the sources of PFAS in landfills?  
  • Are all landfills RECs? What types are the highest risk for PFAS migration offsite?  
  • What systems do landfills use to measure and control leachate?  
  • Are there any studies on the relative risks of MSW landfills compared to other sources? 
  • What are the critical scoping considerations when conducting an ESA at or near a landfill? 

Event Type:

On Demand


January 24, 2024